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8 months ago

When Worry and Anxiety Stop You from Living the Life of Your Dreams

Melody Green · To hear my family speak I was a brash, overly-confident, loud child and totally unladylike.  · But the reality was quite different from that.  Inside I was an introverted, shy girl who had been sufficiently bullied as a migrant because of the way she spoke, and yet my singing tal ...

9 months ago

Why I developed The Depression Relief Workbook

Melody Green ·   · Depression is a complex and multi-faceted disorder that to my mind required an holistic approach. · My work as a colour therapist opened my eyes to the interconnection of the mind, body, heart, and spirit. What I had instinctively known was given a foundation to sit on. I lea ...

3 years ago

When the Black Dog slinks in...

Melody Green ·   · There was a time when the black dog smothered my life, · Filling all the places where I desperately wanted to breathe. · I learned to work with the Black Dog · I befriended him · I learned his needs and wants · And we agreed to boundaries I had not expected would happen. ...

3 years ago

The Performer's Life and Depression

Melody Green ·   · Many years ago a talented ballet dancer I knew said something that has stuck with me ever since. · It was his reply to the question I posed.. "Why were you drawn to perform?"  · Now this man's theatre and performance pedigree went back 3 generations through film and theatre t ...

4 years ago

6 ways to self care when you're feeling depressed.

Melody Green · Yes I am one of those. · I am prone to periods of depression. · I can be labelled as 1 of the 5 Australians with mental health issues.  · In the past I wouldn't have said it out aloud. I'm a highly functioning depressive and I knew how to hide it from others. In my teens and twen ...

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