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  • Why To Gift Stem Toys For A Fun And Educational Christmas

    In the highly competitive modern times, a child needs to develop the habits of continuous learning and analytical thinking from a very young ...

    1 week ago · 3 min. reading time · 0 comments · 1 like

  • Sands Through the Hourglass, Gone but not Forgotten

    It was hot … bloody hot! … yet here we were in the middle of the 'high dune' country, in the south of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), on the ...

    2 weeks ago · 4 min. reading time · 18 comments · 9 likes

  • East or West, What's Best?

    Introductory Geographic Lesson · I was tidying up some photographic files from a couple of years back, when I came across these two landsca ...

    1 month ago · 5 min. reading time · 32 comments · 14 likes

  • The Champions of the Outback

    There's a part of Australia I've seen now and then, · Where the folks are resilient, both women and men, · Where drought is the norm, and ...

    2 months ago · 5 min. reading time · 10 comments · 13 likes

  • There's no smoke without fire in Bromo-land

    It was just after 5am on an April morning (2019), it was cold, and the sun was struggling to penetrate a band of cloud across the eastern ho ...

    2 months ago · 7 min. reading time · 26 comments · 8 likes

  • All Aspects of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

    You may be wondering, "What are the risks and complications of breast reconstruction surgery?" Fortunately, the majority of women who have u ...

    3 months ago · 2 min. reading time · 0 comments · 0 likes

  • Ravenous Raptor Chases Cretaceous Chook-sized Critters.

    At last I was off to dinosaur country, that part of outback Queensland renowned in recent decades for its uniquely Australian, Cretaceous ag ...

    3 months ago · 6 min. reading time · 37 comments · 13 likes

  • Breast reconstruction surgery process

    Before Breast reconstruction surgery can begin, the chest tissue must be prepared. The surgeon places a tissue expander underneath the chest ...

    4 months ago · 2 min. reading time · 0 comments · 1 like

  • The Best cosmetic plastic surgery in Sydney

    For the best cosmetic plastic surgery · Sydney is an excellent location. Sydney has many top-rated cosmetic surgeons, and you'll be please ...

    4 months ago · 1 min. reading time · 0 comments · 0 likes

  • Horses with Feathers inside the Scenic Rim

    Perhaps Scotty, the 7m high equine wonder, at this year's Boonah ‘Clydesdale Spectacular’ June show, will give you a clue to my blog title. ...

    5 months ago · 3 min. reading time · 23 comments · 7 likes

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