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6 months ago

NSW Higher School Certificate... Countdown....

Melody Green · We are 24 weeks away from the 2021 NSW High School Certificate exams... Every year the number of students suffering from exam anxiety and/or performance anxiety increases as students succumb to the pressure of getting the highest marks they can achieve. · For families with teenag ...

7 months ago

The Sliding Scale of Our Emotions.

Melody Green ·   · In order for us to have a more inclusive society and for us to appreciate every sentient being in our world we must first develop more empathy and compassion  - as these qualities are essential to being more inclusive. · Empathy and compassion are yet more words for love.  · ...

8 months ago

When Worry and Anxiety Stop You from Living the Life of Your Dreams

Melody Green · To hear my family speak I was a brash, overly-confident, loud child and totally unladylike.  · But the reality was quite different from that.  Inside I was an introverted, shy girl who had been sufficiently bullied as a migrant because of the way she spoke, and yet my singing tal ...

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