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The Sliding Scale of Our Emotions.

The Sliding Scale of Our Emotions. 

In order for us to have a more inclusive society and for us to appreciate every sentient being in our world we must first develop more empathy and compassion  - as these qualities are essential to being more inclusive.

Empathy and compassion are yet more words for love. 

For some time I have been looking at emotions as though they sit on a sliding scale of love. 

Yup! Even those nasty ones like hate and anger! 

You see if we see hate as opposed to love that means we have to make a choice and if we choose a negative emotion it's mostly considered wrong. 

Either/Or separates, polarises and helps us stay in judgement and stuck-ness BUT if we saw hate or anger as still an expression of love, albeit less than LOVE, (like a darker share of pink for example) then on a sliding scale we can move our feelings and we can choose how we feel. This gives us flexibility. 

It allows us to feel it all without judging it or getting stuck. 

Something I've learned by working with my clients is that like many things to do with mental health we have not been taught how to understand our emotions and how they work. As a child, we just flowed with them, as a teenager, we were taught to fear and deny them ( especially the more unruly kind of emotions) and as an adult, we learned to judge and suppress those emotions we thought were negative.

Even more than that, we also learned to mislabel them and give them powers they didn't actually have.

The truth is:

“Your emotions are a language you need to master for ultimate wellbeing.”
Melody R. Green - Creator of the Colour Medicine Cards

Let me explain that with the emotional state we label depression.

 According to Jill Bolte Taylor, a noted neuroscientist working with mindfulness and emotions:

“An emotion only lasts 1.5 minutes by itself (without the fuel of our thoughts). 

So if an emotion only lasts 1.5 minutes why are we saying to ourselves  "I'm depressed." ?!

This absolute statement leaves no space for change or movement. The mind has to work with this absolute state and find a solution, whereas if we said "At the moment or "In this moment, I'm feeling depressed" the mind would go... "OK depressed now but something else will happen in a few moments so I don't have to come up with a solution yet... let's focus on something else."

This flexibility allows the mind to find other solutions to the problem of your current emotional state without resorting to one that may not have worked well in the past, like system shut down or inappropriate addictive behaviours.

To assist my clients to gain more movement or what I call emotional fluency I created the Colour Medicine Cards This tool enables my clients to understand what they are feeling and the steps needed to get them back to the place of balance and emotional fluidity - and this is a place where love od self and others is a more possible outcome.

So where are you on the sliding scale of love today?!

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If you think you are suffering from depression please consider getting help if you need it. You could try your doctor or any of the following:

Mental Health Australia


Beyond Blue

Black Dog Institute

If your child is suffering from exam anxiety and sitting HSC then check out #TheAnxietyCircuitBreakerProgram

Melody R. Green is an energy healer, Happy Life Mentor, and award-winning author, living in Sydney, NSW, Australia She has many tools and techniques that work to strengthen the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of souls, helping them to navigate the stresses and trials of living in human form in this time of uncertainty and rapid change.

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