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NSW Higher School Certificate... Countdown....

  • NSW Higher School Certificate... Countdown....RE 2021 HSC





Circuit Breaker

Tools to put YOU back in control of your anxiety.

    We are 24 weeks away from the 2021 NSW High School Certificate exams... Every year the number of students suffering from exam anxiety and/or performance anxiety increases as students succumb to the pressure of getting the highest marks they can achieve.

    For families with teenagers who are sitting these exams, their world is about to be turned on its head as the countdown starts and the pressure begins.

    For many parents, this is a terrible time of worry and anxiety as they try to support their children's studies, aspirations, and dreams.

    They may have provided extra tuition and coaching in subjects their children struggle with, and this is all good and helps.

    But if a student suffers from severe anxiety no amount of help in this area, or extra study periods, or long hours of studying subject lessons will help the pressure of anxiety... Why? Because what is happening when a person is in high anxiety means their brain is unable to function clearly and effectively.

    Your child needs different tools. Tools they can use to reconnect the mind and body when it goes offline. Tools that can slow down the reactivity of the brain so it can think clearly and stop pushing the body into a flight or flee autoresponse that switches the body to want to escape the situation in whatever way it can.

    Book your child's place now!

    I've created the Anxiety Circuit Breaker Program to do this.

    I have space for only 10 students left... they will work with me individually for 20 weeks for 30-minute sessions. This gives your child the opportunity to develop resilience.

    The beauty of these tools is your child can take them forward into the rest of their lives. They will be equipped for any situation that brings up anxiety in them.

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If you think you are suffering from depression please consider getting help if you need it. You could try your doctor or any of the following:

Mental Health Australia


Beyond Blue

Black Dog Institute

Melody R. Green is an energy healer, Happy Life Mentor, and award-winning author, living in Sydney, NSW, Australia She has many tools and techniques that work to strengthen the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of souls, helping them to navigate the stresses and trials of living in human form in this time of uncertainty and rapid change.

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