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4 weeks ago

News Flash! Xmas Eve Extended!

Ken Boddie · It appears that Santa’s elf negotiators have failed in their attempts to exclude the big fella from having to ‘sign in‘, using the appropriate Australian state or territory health department QR codes, prior to entering the thousands of premises where he is expected to leave prese ...

7 months ago

Feeling Good ... but

Ken Boddie · "It's a new dawn · It's a new day · It's a new life · For me · And I'm feeling good." · Michael Bublé summed up the new beBee platform for me with his “Feeling Good” lyrics. Things may have taken many of us by surprise, initially, but it seems that @Javier 🐝 CR is coming good, bi ...

10 months ago

A Host of ... What?

Ken Boddie · Billy Wordsworth was, and still is, a well qualified technician with a passion for history, as it happens, but more on his passion later. · He had worked throughout his whole career, until last year, for that former icon of the Australian car industry, Holden, as had his father ...

3 years ago

True Blue

Ken Boddie · "True Blue, is it me and you · Is it Mum and Dad, is it a cockatoo · Is it standin' by your mate when he's in a fight · Or just Vegemi-ite · True Blue, I'm a-asking you"John Williamson, Singer-Songwriter and general fair dinkum Aussie blokeI was trawling through a few albums the ...

3 years ago

It's NOT cricket

Louise Smith · At first I thought it was FAKE NEWS ! · I thought it was a TRUMPED up charge ! · Damned if I comment · Damned if I don't · But simply · It's NOT cricket · I think all Aussies are in shock at this anathema in our sporting ethos · regardless of whether we are cricket fans or not · ...

5 years ago

She'll Be Right, Mate!

Ken Boddie · "She'll be right, mate, she'll be right!"  · Is this optimism calling?  · "She'll be right, mate, she'll be right!" · Or mere apathetic stalling?  · ------------------------------------------- · I forget how many times I've heard this Aussie adage, · Meant to raise one's spirits, ...

5 years ago

Who's a Cool Daddy, then?

Ken Boddie · Thought I'd give some air play to a few old music videos, but first, here's the proverbial 'MUGSHOT' !!!! · So which mug's the better looking?  · Pardon the shades. Just following the instructions on the t-shirt. 😎 · In order to save this buzz from being relegated to the 'narciss ...

5 years ago

May I Have the Next Waltz, Matilda?

Ken Boddie · Believe it or not, 'Waltzing Matilda', the unofficial national anthem of the Land Down Under, has absolutely nothing to do with ballroom dancing or fair damsels.  Rather, it's a tale of woe about a travelling itinerant, who chose an untimely wet grave rather then being locked up ...

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