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Your Wake-up Call, Sir?

Your Wake-up Call, Sir?

When was the last time you asked, "What time is it?" And what really is this 'time' with which we are so obsessed?

Is time fictional, as in "once upon a time", or is it hard core and will "stand the test of time"? 

Time can be many things to many people, as follows:

  • it can be strong, when we give someone a "hard time";
  • it can be precious - "time is money";
  • or gratuitous, when we have "free time on our hands";
  • it can be rubbish - "a waste of time";
  • it can be tall - "high time you asked";
  • it can levitate - "how time flies";
  • it can be tasty, when it's "crunch time";
  • or sour, unless the "time is ripe";
  • or fishy, when we have a "whale of a time";
  • it can stand in a queue, when it's the "first time" or the "last time";
  • it can provide support - "time is on your side", either form the left or right;
  • it can be naughty, when caught at a "bad time";
  • it can be nice, when you want a "good time"; and
  • it can be "short" or "long" (ask any red light district service worker)
Time can stretch beyond your anticipation, and will last until
  • "the cows come home";
  • "the fat lady sings"; or
  • "hell freezes over".
Although the clock continues to tick at much the same pace, from day to day "To the last syllable of recorded time", it appears to be somewhat flexible, depending upon your perspective, and, as Albert Einstein has testified, your point of reference.

Musos and song writers make a living out of creating the illusion that time can be stretched, which the young appear to believe is credible.  After all, the youthful Rolling Stones, many years back, told us that "Time is on my side", and Pink Floyd indicated that "You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today". Then along came Cyndi Lauper, who optimistically told us that "The second hand unwinds" and the Rocky Horror Picture Show tried to get us to believe in "The Time Warp". 

Oh how "I remember when rock was young" and how "Me and Susie had so much ......", well that's a story for another day.

But a sage Cher knew better, when she soulfully wished, "If I could turn back time", and Freddie Mercury (Queen) advised us that "Time waits for nobody".

Then Dolly Parton put the nail in the time traveller's coffin with
"Do you think that time stands still,
It never has and it never will."

So, as we start to age, snow begins to settle on the thinning thatched roof, and youthful elasticity turns to saggyness, Stevie Windwood's words of wisdom start to stir the cobwebs clinging to the few remnant clusters of brain cells, with his "Time is running out" and Phil collins (Genesis) bemoans the revelation that, "I've almost run out of time".

But none of us, young or old, know how much time we are allotted in our present states of solid and liquid matter (plus some gas every now and then) and we can neither "kill time" nor "beat the clock". So "there's no time like the present" when it comes to getting things done and, for all we know, it may be the "eleventh hour" that's approaching.

Let's stop procrastinating, stalling and dilly dallying, and get on with the task in hand "like there's no tomorrow"


When not researching the weird or the wonderful, the comical or the cultured, the sinful or the serious, I chase my creative side, the results of which can be seen as selected photographs of my travels on my website at:

The author of the above, Ken Boddie, besides being a sometime poet and occasional writer, is an enthusiastic photographer, rarely leisure-travelling without his Canon, and loves to interact with other like-minded people with diverse interests.

Ken's three day work week (part time commitment) as a consulting engineer allows him to follow his photography interests, and to plan trips to an ever increasing list of countries and places of scenic beauty and cultural diversity.

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Ken Boddie

4 years ago #22

All great choices, Gert, but then again, talking of well known song titles, there's - The gambler's choice, "One More Time"; The burglar's choice, "Take Your Time"; The sci-fi writer's choice, "Time Warp"; The relative theorist's choice, "As Time Goes By"; and The absent-minded professor's choice, "Remember the Time".

Gert Scholtz

4 years ago #21

Ken Boddie You have my mind spinning now on some timeless classics: All This Time - Sting, As Time Goes By - Jimmy Durante, Time to Say Goodbye - Sarah Brightman, The Times They are a-Changin - Bob Dylan, Time in a Bottle - Jim Groce, and last but probably the biggest, Yesterday by The Beatles.

Ken Boddie

4 years ago #20

Welcome across from the 'Dark Side', Todd. Hope you find us more responsive here than on LI.

Ken Boddie

4 years ago #19

Dolly Parton always gives me goosebumps, Aurorasa, quote or not. 🙄

Thank you Ken Boddie, bees inspiring bees.

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #17

Oh there you are, Queen Bee. I forgot to let everyone know that your "Tick Tock" poem inspired me to write this post. #16

Can you still do tomorrow what needed to be done today? Time you can not borrow I'm sorry to say There's no dilly dally There's no shilly shally Just you and the clock tick tock

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #15

As long as it's been in there for at least 10 years and single malt. 👍#14

Louise Smith

5 years ago #14

Nice timepiece Ken Boddie ! I'll go with " I'll have time in a bottle" by Jim Croce 1973 MY ALL TIME BEST FAVOURITE !

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #13

Thanks for the share, Javier C\u00e1mara Rica 👍

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #12

Thanks for the shares @Kimberley Lewis. 👍

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #11

You have just reminded me, Dean Owen, that 'time' can also be a container, as your comment arrived "just in time". 😄

Louise Smith

5 years ago #10

Touche ! Snagger dogs are prob Subwoofers !

Dean Owen

5 years ago #9

A Timely Post by the eloquent and whimsical Ken Boddie!

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #8

Shouldn't the speakers be woofers? #7

Louise Smith

5 years ago #7

Ha ha ha! Bass and Soprano covered in FUR !

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #6

So you have a stereo alarm clock, Louise Smith ? 🐶 🐶#5

Louise Smith

5 years ago #5

Love the snagger dog ! I have two that wake me up every morning !

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #4

Of course the Javanese are great believers in rubber time *jam karet', an excuse to be late for everything. Can't remember if the Balinese are advocates of this also? Also, how about the infamous Indonesian procrastination term of "besok saja", which can have its benefits? #3

Paul Walters

5 years ago #3

Look forward to welcoming you to Bali ,Ken, Here time means ....not a lot. The Balinese believe in the concept of now, this very minute. yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to come so just live for this minute, this second. Now I have noticed that perhaps town planners could maybe put that philosophy behind them as the traffic is chaos... no one thinking about how many cars / bikes will come onto the roads next year.

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #2

Watch out for that croc, Gert Scholtz, when you're rocking round the clock. 🐊#1

Gert Scholtz

5 years ago #1

Ken Boddie Wonderful post Ken. The only currency no one has enough of - time. (Now, if I can just get the Crocodile Rock ear worm out)

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