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Issues with beBee newest App version for Android

Issues with beBee newest App version for AndroidWe continue
working to bring
you a better




-~ CD [F. Xa Rana LX


09 iy

tens meg


Anyone else having similar problems?

Referring to “We continue working to bring you a better “ by Federico Álvarez San Martín

Here are a few issues on the beBee mobile app that I have experienced on my Samsung S8 Smartphone.

1) When I view the article:

on my desktop, the spelling is fine.

When I view it in my Smartphone I observe words merging together occasionally as in figure 1 below, indicated by the red forward slash.

We continue working t

€ We continue working t

€ We continue working t

od hd 8

€ We continue working t



We continue
working to bring
you a better

As days go by. our team is
working hard to acheeve our
common objective Skowty. but


surely, we are polishing beBee


that very soon, all bees wil


Among the man new features,
thus new version will have
greater stability higher speed
resolution of existing errors of
the current version.

ror the
honey publisher (vetice's

) polishing of bugs

wer “Look and Feel”
essence and a
consider abl provement in
ou User 10 make
550 a5 satrs as

possidle All of our efforts are





Progressively, we wil
these new functional





If you have our newest App
vers:on for Androwd
downicaced you will be able
tphtart testing this new
version, in whee?) you wil find
some of the ne:
although they haven't al yet
been fully implemented





From beBee. | ¢


courage you
10 Continue using ou $0
network, produ
honey and sending us
feedback via any of our
available channets (youcan
also mention me or send me a





ve to newest : oh
bie 10 enjoy 183 ee producing resuits and our orvate message) We value

Relevant Ootut Bresson is the trust youput in us, as well

EERE nm <5 Fr 55 Fen oe 4B

/ =where 2 words should be separated
4 Screenshots from my Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone

2) When sharing the above article via Twitter, the desktop shares the full text, Twitter handle, URL and via beBee:


We continue working to bring you a better beBee @FedeAlvarezSm via @beBee


e+co .

fp pe

— 0 © 0 tno @> a



We continue working to bring you a better beBee @FedeAlvarezSm

better-bebee via @beBee
Shared from desktop computer

When shared from beBee to twitter from the phone app the result is ONLY the URL.


We continue
working to bring
you a better



We continue working to bring
You a better bebee

Sars @FedeAlvarezsm

oi - https weve bedee com/pro

B ducer/@ledealvarezsm/we.
continue working to bring

our team is

actweve our



beable to en he
- you-a-better-bebee via
nee Ebesee
° °
ot wen wn | J


Shared from Samsung Galaxy S8

This not what used to happen. It used to do the same as the desktop as above.

This is less effective particularly the Articles author’s Twitter handle {if they have added it to their beBee Profile is not shared,) and thus losses the potential of other Tweeps viewing the Tweet, following that Twitter handle and also the author not receiving a notification of the Tweet being shared.


3) Live Buzzes now appear not to be able to be expanded to full screen on the beBee app on Smartphones.

I did a Live buzz yesterday


99 Lance % Scour

8h. @-100



449 followers - 444 following

a i=
9 Lone % Scour

8h. ®-100

® in Backstage


Cannot activate full screen

And so went back to a short Live Buzz 28 Sept 2017 which I now did work full screen at the time

Aniqa Tariq

VP Emerging Markets - Bluewolf, an IBM Company

Sydney, Australia


Lance & and
bod o.

Cannot activate full screen

Aniga Tariq MD ANZ Bluey

Same thing. Canot activate full scree.

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Lance 🐝 Scoular

3 years ago #5

Thanks for that Irene

Irene 🐝 Rodriesco

3 years ago #4

Dear Lance. The use of the smartphone in my case is 95%. In the last weeks, I also use a tablet. Several of the incidents that you describe are reported a few days ago. The team is working on it 😃.🚀🚀

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #3

nice insight Lance \ud83d\udc1d Scoular! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the share.

Lance 🐝 Scoular

3 years ago #2

Thanks Clair I mostly use my phone except for Publisher Honey.

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #1

Lance \ud83d\udc1d Scoular - I've noticed that the latest tweaks have improved the platform from my side. I get most of my notifications now and reader engagement and views are going up. I don't have a smart phone yet, and probably won't use it for social media when I get one so I haven't experienced the problems you have. I am sure that the boffins at beBee are working on a fix and will sort it out asap!

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