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Another Spiel from the ‘Tiel

Another Spiel from the ‘Tiel

Hey there, guys! It's me again. You know ..... Spotty, the cutest ever cockatiel. My dad says that I'm a messy little 'Fawker,' when he cleans up my cage every morning, and calls me 'Poops', 'cause he says that's what I do best.  I'm so proud that he thinks I'm like a German flying machine, although sometimes his German pronunciation is a little bit off.  I prefer it when he just calls me Poops.

Anyway, my dad says that I'm the only two-buzz birdie on line, as you may remember from the last couple of times I reached out to you kind buzzy bee folks on  

So my dad says that, since I was well behaved the last couple of times I spoke to all you nice buzzy bee people, and since I didn't 'offend' anyone, that I can have another chirpy chat with you all on his blog.  I don't really know what 'offend' means, and my dad says I didn't do this to any of you buzzy bees, but if I didn't 'off-end' anyone does that mean that I must have 'on-ended' some of you?

My mum still says that my dad spends too much time blogging and calls him a "busy little blogger", or at least that's what it sounds like to me. But I know that my dad's happy when he's blogging and I often get to sit on his shoulder when he's hard at work on his MacBook. My dad says that he spends most of his beBee Mac time composing comments, so that the buzzy bees who really love to tell stories about themselves and ''open their minds and hearts" to the other bees, will know that their stories have been 'a pre she ate head'. I'm not sure who this 'she' is, but she must be hungry and must like that delicious 'potted head' from the butcher, as much as my dad does.

My dad sometimes gets nice comments back from other buzzy bees.  One of these is a doctor (Ian Weinberg) who lives a long way away from us in a country called 'South of Free Car'.  I often wonder if Dr Ian helps the other buzzy bees to "open their minds and hearts".  Gosh, if he does, then I hope that he sews then back together again.

My dad uses big words all the time and I don't always know what they mean, but he chuckles a lot when he's on his Mac.  He says that he is happy when the paper that he sometimes prints on gets a scare. Well I think that's what he means by things being 'tickety boo'.   

Another nice buzzy bee man from 'South of Free Car' is Mr Gert Scholtz.  My dad says that Mr Gert is a 'clever righter' and often 'show-cases' the work of the other bees and 'high-lights' how good they are. I'm guessing that Mr Gert must have a lot of luggage and that his house has tall ceilings.  He must also be 'all right' since my dad never says he's a 'clever lefter'.

Many of the other bees, that my dad talks with on beBee, are from a country where they use some alphabet letters too much, called 'Use less of A'.  They have a boss man there with yellow hair stuck on top of his head and who talks funny.  He looks just like my friend, Clive Cocky, particularly when he struts around on that big moving picture box on the wall which my mum calls 'why don't you switch that off'.  Clive Cocky is a sulfur-crested cockatoo, who comes from 'Outer Wop Wop' on the other side of the black stump.  I wonder if they have a black stump in the 'Use less of A' and if that sulfur-crested boss man comes from the other side of it? I hope boss man likes where he comes from, 'cause my dad says there's lots of people in the 'Use less of A' who would like him to go back to where he comes from.

There are too many buzzy bees in the 'Use less of A' for me to mention, but my dad often talks to Ms Gert Scholtz, who has a very sad picture on  I bet you wouldn't be so sad, Ms Joyce, if I came to visit.  I'd let you scratch my head, Ms Joyce.  I love getting my head scratched by my dad.  Do you like your head being scratched, Ms Joyce? Then there's Ms Susan 🐝 Rooks, the Grammar Goddess, who's always funny on Fridays.  To cheer you up, I'd let you scratch my head on non-Fridays, Ms Susan, if I came to visit.  

My dad says I should also mention Ms Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee who's a 'Sole Proprietor".  I don't wear shoes, Ms Cyndi, but if I did I'd let you fix them when their bottoms are broken. And not to forget the lady my dad calls the Queen Bee, Ms Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador.  Ms Franci also writes a lot about other bees and writes poetry.  Does that make you a good head scratcher, Ms Franci?

And then there's all those clever people working in that factory next door to all these 'Use less of A' buzzy bees, where they wrap their relatives in metal.  This country's called 'Can a Dad'. My dad talks to lots of those 'Can a Dad Ians' on, and says they share a queen with us and that they also take part in the Commonwealth Games. I was going to enter the Games this year when they were held in our Gold Coast, just down the road.  I was practicing my sprinting across the kitchen floor, and training hard to keep ahead of my mum's vacuum cleaner, but my dad said it wouldn't help me in the long run.  

Some buzzy bee people, who my dad talks to from 'Can a Dad' , are Ms Susan 🐝 Rooks, the Grammar Goddess who's a 'sucks-eggs coach', Mr Randall Burns who's a good cooker, Mr Cyndi wilkins who's a 'Gone Sulking Principal', and then there's Ms Jennifer Leach-Trask who my dad says is a 'President'.  I wonder if she knows Mr Boss Man from the 'Use less of A' next door?  

Of course my dad says that we mustn't forget the buzzy bees who started, and especially Mr Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador. Mr Javier lives in a country called Spain, which my dad says is very wet but which has really good drain pipes.  My dad often tells me that, "The rain in Spain falls mainly down the drain".

One other nice man, whose blogs my dad likes to read, lives way up in the mountains, in a place called 'Higher Land'.  If you're reading this, Mr Pascal Derrien, my dad says that you were born in France and that you later hopped over to 'Higher Land'. You must have frogs legs, Mr Pascal, if you hopped all that way.  Were there too many big waves like Sue's nan Lees in France, so that you had to move to 'Higher Land'? 

Oh, and I almost forgot, just a couple of wing flaps across from our Northern Territory, is a fun place called Bali, where my dad says a travel man, Mr Renée 🐝 Cormier, hangs around in his hammock all day (that's when he's not repairing his bicycle or visiting exciting places far away). My dad says that Mr Paul calls himself a 'pro cast in later'. I'm not sure what a 'pro cast in later' actually does, Mr Paul, but I'm sure good things will happen if you just wait.

Oh, and wait some more, because I almost forgot a couple of ladies who my dad says are the bees knees.  First there's Ms Lada 🏡 Prkic, who, like my dad, is an 'engine-ear' and comes from a place called 'Crow Ace', ya.  I don't really know what my dad does when he's away at work, Ms Lada, but if you 'engine-ears' are so clever, why don't you invent something so that those engines can listen for themselves? The other lady, Ms Randall Burns is also from 'South of Free Car', loves curves and is an 'arch tech'.  My dad says that lots of 'arch techs' make things difficult for 'engine-ears' , Ms Claire, because  curves are so difficult to construct.  My dad, however, loves straight edges, but because he doesn't do design work any more, he doesn't use them as a rule.

Well that's it for now.  I'm sorry if I forgot to mention any of my dad's buzzy bee people, but if I have, perhaps you can write to me in the comments section below and say g'day.  It would be better if you came to visit and scratched my head, but my dad says that many of you would need a long flight to get here and I know how tired your arms can get on a long flight.  It would also be nice if you would tick the little two rude fingers box with the 'relephant' next to it, although I always thought that 'relephants' had trunks not fingers.

- - - - - <<<<< - - - - - >>>>> - - - - -  

Oh, yes, and my dad says that I should add something at the bottom about him. So here is something I found on a post that he wrote from his own bottom.

c5dc1191.jpgWhen not researching the weird or the wonderful, the comical or the cultured, the sinful or the serious, I chase my creative side, the results of which can be seen as selected photographs of my travels on my website at:

Besides being a sometime poet and occasional writer, Ken Boddie is an enthusiastic photographer, rarely leisure-travelling without his Canon, and loves to interact with other like-minded people with diverse interests.

Ken's three day work week (part time commitment) as a consulting engineer allows him to follow his photography interests, and to plan trips to an ever increasing list of countries and places of scenic beauty and cultural diversity.

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Ken Boddie

3 years ago #32

My dad says that you’ve been sad lately, Ms Aleta. Perhaps you need cheering up? I have some birdy friends who like to sing operetta. Do you know them, Ms Aleta? They call themselves the Parrots of Penzance. 🐦

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #31

My dad says that you are a man of high stature, But I'll bet that you are a real good head scratcher, Please tell me, for one who's quite plainly astute, Just why keep a gold medal inside your boot? 🐦

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #30

I like your smile, Mr Prav RG, My dad says you dabble in poetry, But one thing worries me about you blokes, You all seem to dabble in bad dad jokes.

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #29

Why thank you, Ms Franci, but my dad doesn't think I'm so smart. He says that the only reason he got me was because I was going cheep. 🐦

You know, Spotty, you are one smart bird. I imagine it's hard work keeping your dad in tow. 🤨

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #27

I’m glad you like boiled rice also, Ms Lisa. But my dad says that too much salt isn’t good for your ‘bud press her’.

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #26

My dad says that peacocks are beautiful birds with long tail feathers and frogs live in the mud and smell bad. You look beautiful, Ms Jennifer Leach-Trask, so if you also smell nice then you must be a peacock not a frog. May I borrow a couple of your tail feathers, Ms Jenny? I keep breaking mine when I jump around in my cage. I hope you live in a big cage and don’t beak your tail feathers, Miss Jenny.

Lisa Gallagher

3 years ago #25

hahaha.. laughter, good for the soul Ken Boddie. I had to re-read what I wrote because I wasn't sure about the book on my face thingy. Facebook, DOH. Ah, many A's are far from useless. I'm hoping on Nov. 6th we will see the tides turn & feel a sense of renewal along with hope. Tell spotty we'd get along just find, I love rice too... I promise to clean my plate if you cook some for me as well (just add some butter and salt to mine) ;-)

Lada 🏡 Prkic

3 years ago #24

Yes, they are very smart birds - just like you. :-)

Cyndi wilkins

3 years ago #23

I think like most people..I do prefer my 'home bowl!'

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #22

Thank you, Ms Lada, for calling me a 'good righter' like Mr Gert Scholtz. I'm sorry to hear that your have weak arms. Perhaps you could go to flying school like me when I'm bigger. Meanwhile, perhaps you could go to the 'Jim Nasty Hum' like my dad and do a special 'Ex Your Size' so that your arms become a bigger size? The place that you came from sounds very nice. I bet that you have lots of big black birds that play card games in 'Crow Ace', ya?

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #21

Also, Ms Lisa, while you're at the pharmacy, maybe you can say g'day to her royalness, Ms Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador, who needs some sunscreen to stop peeling, and Ms Jennifer Leach-Trask who needs cream for puffiness. As for my food, I love to eat seed 'cause it makes me 'regla', just like Ms Cyndi wilkins, but I really like to eat boiled rice at dinner time when my mum has finished cooking. A little boiled rice, Tastes oh so nice, But if I eat a lot, It gets stuck in my bot. Sorry, Ms Lisa, but if you see Ms Franci at the pharmacy, would you be sure you tell her not to buy any small cups, as I've just found those rhyming cuplets for Mr Paul Walters?

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #20

Hello Ms Lisa Gallagher from the 'Use Less of A'. My dad is cooking 'cause mum's away in Mel's Burn, looking after my little 'neff you'. I'm sorry that you think all 'A's are useless. Thank you for callin'm going to be a flight engine-ear when I get biggedad also calls me a 'mess her shit', which is a machine, so I am slowly learning the names of all these engine-hearing things so that I learn so much when I go to engine-hearing stool. You must read a lot Ms Lisa 'cause you say you have a book on your face. Gosh, I hope it doesn't stick there. Maybe you should go to the pharmacy and get some face cream so that the face book comes off easily.

Lada 🏡 Prkic

3 years ago #19

Hello Spotty, you're the most charming and polite cocktail I've ever met on line. :-) You're also an excellent writer who deserves own blog with your cute profile photo because you are now three-buzz birdie. Hoping many more to come. I would like very much to meet you in person and scratch your head (I'm a good head scratcher also), but I live too far from you, and my arms are weak for flying. I think you would be great engine-ear like your dad because you are curious and ask many questions. Engine-ears are curious people who make the world go round. You've made me think about engines that can listen for themselves, and am going to think deeper on that problem. Say hello to your mom and dad. Your dad's posts make me chuckle a lot. My hubby also says that I spend too much time blogging, but I'm sure if he read your blog he would start chuckling. Greetings from Crow Ace!

Lisa Gallagher

3 years ago #18

Ah Mr. Ken Boddie, I really needed a good laugh, thanks. Very crafty piece! You dee-scribed Mr. Krusty head from the Use-less Of A very well LOL! Very cute cockatiel, glad you don't mind cleaning poo... and I bet the little fawker appreciates you for that ;-) Thanks for tagging me on Facebook. Do you feel spotty brrr sead or happy people food, like lobs-her?

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #17

Thank you, Ms Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador?

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #16

My dad says thanks, Mr Gert Scholtz, and he's happy to be called the WWO thingamy that you said, as long as everyone knows it means Weird Wizard of Oz. I'm a bit worried that buzzy bees might think it stands for Works With Ostriches, 'cause ostriches scare me. Whats more, if we have any ostriches in the house my dad'll have even more poop to clean up and he'll be even more grumpy than he is after he cleans my cage. Do ostriches live in cages like me, Mr Gert, and do they like getting their heads scratched do you know?

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #15

My dad also likes simple food, Ms Cyndi wilkins. He says that my bird seed keeps me “regla” also. Do you poop in your cage often, Ms Cyndi?

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #14

Nice to meet you, Mr Paul Walters. I just wanted to let you know that I’m quite a big bird now and drink out of big cups. I don’t think we have any cuplets in our kitchen, Mr Paul, but I’ll ask my dad to get some for you when you come to visit me and scratch my head.

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #13

My dad’s at work, Ms Jennifer Leach-Trask that you’ve been to the Gold Coast, so I’m not surprised that, here in ‘Horse-Trailer’, you like our ‘magic nation’.

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #12

Oh dear, Ms Claire! I hope those noisy buzzy drone things don’t start Chico chihuahua (2 doors down) barking again. Last time we had a drone in our street it sat outside our neighbour’s bedroom window for an aweful long time. Sam (next door) seems to know all about buzzy drones, ‘cause he came out and talked to it. He even knew its proper name. I’m not so good with big names, Ms Claire, but I think it was called “Bloody Pervert”. Now that’s a strange name for a drone don’t you think, Ms Claire?

Spotty, I like your style you cute little cockatiel! Hmm, Queen Bee - kinda has a nice ring to it and thanks for thinking of me. We buzzy bees sure like your dad and his poems - always fun and delightful. What you spiel is how you feel so don't conceal that spiffy ideal yep, let it peal polish the appeal and keep it real

Gert Scholtz

3 years ago #10

Ken Boddie Down under on the other side in “South of Free Car”, things have been busy and I have not posted for some time. Soon I will try again at the “clever righter” lest I become a “clever lefter”. My dog tells me Ken must be clairvoyant because he is quite correct on the luggage and high ceilings. Thanks for the mention in an enjoyable “spiel” from the “tiel”, from the pen of Ken, and from our own Word Wizard of Oz!

Cyndi wilkins

3 years ago #9

Well...what can I say 'Poops?' I like the simple life...It keeps me regular;-)

Paul Walters

3 years ago #8

Ken Boddie Hi ho Spotty its me the pro cast in later . I see he hasn't taught you rhyming couplets .... yet!

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #7

Spotty my darling, just getting back to the right side of the planet is enough for me right now. Have organised 'drone' strike flyby - hardedahs will bring you some SA Treats... They are a wee bit noisy so you will have to act fast, before they wake your Dad up (and they will, believe me they will).

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #6

My dad’s gone to bed, Dr Ian, but I’ll be sure to tell him you said he’s out of his mind and he needs to look after his luggage.

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #5

Hello Ms Claire. My dad says that the top of the world is here in Horse-Trailer and that everywhere else is downhill. I hope that you have a nice climb back up to South of Free Car.

Ian Weinberg

3 years ago #4

Hi Spotty in Keen-Land, Horse-Trailer. Tell your dad that it’s better to be open-minded than an open and shut case. But then you need to know where everything is that spilled out ... or didn’t!

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #3

Greetings Mr Spotty Tiel, at the moment I am on the top of the world in a place called INGALAND but will be zooming DAAAN on Wednesday to SAARRF AFKIKA. I would love to come and visit sometime just to scratch the top of your head. This is the funniest and bestest piece of writing I have ever seen, you put your Dad to shame Mr Spotty Tiel.

Ken Boddie

3 years ago #2

Hi Mr Pascal. My dad says you’re way cooler and that your nickname is Kat. Should I be scared of you? Most pooty tats I know have sharp claws and eat birdies like me. I hope you don’t want to put me on your menu Mr Kat?

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #1

Hey Poops a big hello from Higher Land and say hi to your dad 😉 he is pretty Kool ☝️

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