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Is it time to upgrade your recruitment management system?

Is it time to upgrade your recruitment management system?

Recruitment can be said as one of the most time-consuming and daunting processes for your HR departments. This is why many organisations adopt Recruitment Management Software to help them in streamlining the recruitment process. 

But as time passes, you might feel that the software you use is not up to the mark and that your processes have become tedious once again. But, just like finding a new hire, it is difficult to narrow down which software to upgrade to. Here are some key questions you may ask yourself before concluding that you need to upgrade your software: 

  • Do you feel that your current workflows are inefficient?
  • Are you doubting whether the value of money is met with the current software?
  • Do your employees and team members like using the current software as their aid?

Getting honest answers to these questions can help you in deciding whether you truly need that upgrade. 

Here are some key things you should keep in mind when you are accessing Recruitment Management System options:

Efficient candidate screening:

One of the key roles of an RMS is to help in filtering potential candidates from a pool of hundreds of applicants. A lot of time is invested if the recruiter has an individual screen through every application. 

BlueSky’s Recruit Complete can help you in solving not only this issue but many more things. It offers a wide range of screen questions including text, video, multi-choice, ratings, etc. With recruit complete, you can also save time by using predefined screening assessment templates and workflows for specific role types. You simply have to select the template, and the workflow shall be ready to go.

Automation of workflows:

As the volume of hiring increases, recruiters have to pour more time and energy into doing even the menial tasks. Automating repetitive and tedious tasks can help in saving time. 

With Recruit Complete you can automate tasks such as:

  • Candidate assessment
  • E-mailing of responses and reference requests
  • Skill assessment and testing
  • Onboarding and induction workflows

Covering all role types:

It can be very cumbersome when you have to create new pipelines for any new recruitment roles that come up and slow you down.

By adopting Recruit Complete you can easily save each workflow and pipeline after setting it up only once. Whenever a new role opens up, you can easily select from your saved presets.

Software integration:

It is a huge task to shift to a new RMS, and it can only be done smoothly if the new system can easily integrate with the existing one. With an integrated system, your HR can efficiently schedule meetings and keep track of the recruitment processes that are going on. When choosing RMS for your business it is a recommended practice to take care that it can easily integrate with your existing software.

Efficient onboarding of employees: 

Various recruitment software only provides service till the hiring of the desired candidate. But the actual hiring doesn't stop there. Various onboarding compliances are to be taken care of for the candidate to successfully adapt to their new role. It doesn't end here, having integrated systems that can bring attendance, payroll, and performance management under one umbrella can make the RMS a desirable choice. 

Recruit Complete does not only take care of active recruitment but also ensures that the selected candidate is smoothly onboarded and the activities after hiring are also taken care of.

Many types of RMS are available in the market. It is upon you to decide which one suits your business the most. Being active and up to date with the requirement of your HR department can keep you ahead of time. Ensure you consider all the aspects before finalising whether an update is needed and whether the new system truly fulfils your needs.

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