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Olivia Brown

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Olivia Brown

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About the Company

Armidale Hospital is a 99-bed rural referral hospital within the HNELHD, providing acute health care services to residents of Armidale and surrounding towns.

About the Role

As the Emergency Department Chief Medical Officer (ED CMO), you will be in charge during the specified period from 5 March to 25 March.

Your responsibilities include overseeing emergency medical care, managing the ED team, and ensuring efficient patient management.

Lead the ED team

Coordinate patient care

Implement clinical protocols

Skills & Experience
Extensive emergency medicine expertise

Leadership and decision-making skills

Ability to work effectively under pressure

Culture or D&I Statement
Our culture at Armidale Hospital fosters collaboration, professional growth, and patient-centered care.


Competitive rates:
$250/hr - $3000/day

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