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The Colour of Cells

The Colour of CellsThis is not a beautiful woven tapestry. It
is not a painting. It is the most detailed
image of a human cell to date, obtained
by radiography, nuclear magnetic
resonance and cryoelectron microscopy.
SENSE hs Tg os EN»

30 years ago I became a colour therapist and I began working with my clients.

I learned to trust the impressions I received through my clairvoyance. { Interestingly, clairvoyance is only present in my angelic healing work (Colour Medicine Cards are an example), mostly I use my clairaudience and cognizant skills for other understanding.}

About 3 yrs into my work with clients, I started seeing layers of cells and corresponding colours and a lack of colour as a sign the cells were unhealthy or had died (a bit like a bad pixel on a screen image) This I saw as part of the electromagnetic body or aura and depending on what I saw would result in matching colour to rebalance the aura to health.

This photo is the first I've seen that shows what I've been seeing all along.

I am delighted to see that as we move more fully into recognizing we are "hue-man beings and vibrational medicine (in all its forms) ís starting to be recognized as the medicine of the future - holistic and non-invasive... a gentle rebalancing of our innate state of wellness.

Melody R. Green is an energy healer, Happy Life Mentor, and award-winning author, living in Sydney, NSW, Australia She has many tools and techniques that work to strengthen the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of souls, helping them to navigate the stresses and trials of living in human form in this time of uncertainty and rapid change.

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