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No calm sea ever made a sailor an expert

Refranes de marineros - El refran de la abuela

In a few weeks, when we have the new beBee already in shape, without bugs, and being able to enjoy all of us who know each other virtually (some I have been lucky enough to meet in person), I will write about the story of beBee, which is the story of a startup like many others, that after starting and growing strongly, and stumbling against reality and with many economic adversities and much of the team, has managed to reinvent itself in such a way that we already have the model to grow organically. 

I will only give you a hint, we have been on the verge of bankruptcy, but we have come out stronger than ever. We believe more than ever in this project. And we are also confident that we now have the capacity, the human team and the tools to take this project where I believe it deserves, in large part thanks to those who have believed in it since 2016. I could name dozens of bloggers who have been with beBee, against all odds.

Good sailors are able to weather the worst storms.

Many thanks to all the current beBee team, and to all those who continue to believe in this project.

beBee begins.


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Javier 🐝 CR

5 months ago #6

Neil Smith

5 months ago #5

Looking forward to seeing what you are doing. Best wishes.

Javier 🐝 CR

5 months ago #4

Samina Khan

5 months ago #3

I'm new to this platform, but I can already see it has so much value! 

Ken Boddie

5 months ago #2

Looking forward to calmer waters, Javier, and your tale of typhoons and tempests. The last five years have been a bumpy ride at times and far too many bees have jumped ship. A crew that’s kept in the dark will always flounder, but a well informed crew will always see the rainbow at the end of the storm. Onwards and upwards!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as some say! Your hard work is most appreciated, @Javier 🐝 CR. Best of luck and much success for the future of beBee! Keep on keepin' on - bzzzzzzzzzz🐝

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