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Moving to the UK- Is It Worth Moving Your Furniture?


A new journey, new chances, new roads, new neighbors, new friends, and precisely a new life- sounds exciting? We know it does. But undoubtedly the journey isn’t the same for everyone. While it may be a smooth road for some, for some it’s rocky. The process of shifting involves various things that must be considered. Especially, if you are planning to move from Australia to the UK, it is highly essential to have clarity on do’s and don’ts before shifting. Wondering whether shifting furniture to the UK will be worth the money and time? Well, this article just might be what you need and therefore, you should continue reading.

When you have made a plan of moving to the UK from Australia there are numerous things to give your attention to for a successful transition of your belongings. You might be moving for family or a job or studies or any other reason, it is essential that the things you are moving should go through customs and coordinate the transportation without any hindrance. Amongst all the things you would want to shift, moving furniture can be a tad bit risky if you do not have the right international removalists for your support. Hence it is ideal that you consider the following things before you choose your removalists.

Things to consider before choosing international removalists:

  • The removalist should be able to help you with packing all the furniture for shifting overseas.
  • They should have the appropriate resources and materials that are necessary for moving.
  • The wrapping material that the company uses must protect the furniture in the best possible way.
  • The international moving company should and must have comprehensive transit and storage insurance that is helpful for the long-distance shift. Also, the company should be able to provide a product disclosure statement to inform you about the cover and the services that will cater to your requirements.
  • They should also be able to offer short or long-term storage for overseas moving. Especially while shifting furniture, the removalist must provide storage modules that will allow the furniture to breathe and keep it dust and vermin proof.

Advice for Custom Regulations of the UK

Besides considering the best international removalist for your journey, it is also essential that you, yourself are well aware of the customs regulation of the UK. A little bit of knowledge, won’t harm. So, here is some basic advice to make your journey even better.

  • A packing list or inventory is the most essential thing you will require before starting the journey. The list should cover every item that you are planning on moving to the UK.
  • You must learn about the things that are allowed and not allowed in the country because, at times, the customs officer might look into the container physically. Now, if you are looking for more information about the customs, then you should look into the UK custom website.

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