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Managing Business Cycles to Grow, Fund and Exit your business

Managing Business Cycles to Grow, Fund and Exit your businesscoaching and advisory of Lars

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Presentation in a 4 Part "Live Buzz" 馃悵 Videos 馃帴

Sydney, Australia - 20 October 2016

At a dinner hosted by the Botany Bay Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) on Thursday evening at the Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport, Tim Dwyer, of The Shirlaws Group, gave a captivating presentation to the members and guests of the BEC.

Tim took us through the various phases of business and how these cycles relate to the changing economic environment Australians currently face.

Tim shared where we have come from and where we are going in the next few years.

Tim鈥檚 research demonstrated where Australia is up to in its macro economic cycle, whether we are heading for boom or bust and what to prepare for.

We gained insights into the science, research and experiences surrounding patterns in businesses.

Knowing these patterns and how and why they occur, enables us to make better choices, clearer decisions and take more effective action that will align our vision and strategy.

Tim demonstrated how all of this relates to our businesses from a mathematical perspective of revenue as well as an energetic perspective which is a measure of company culture.

This works for any business from $80,000 turnover to $4 Billion turnover. Mathematics applies to private enterprise, not for profit and also to corporate divisions!

We gained real insights into:

How to take advantage of current and future economic cycles to increase revenues.

How to realign our business vision and strategy.

How to improve our business energy that will improve our overall activity in the market.

Tim shared examples of new Australian companies who are world leaders in innovation.

How to get access to useful tools to assess our company鈥檚 value and profit outlook.

Tim Dwyer


Below links to four videos I recorded at the event using the newly released live video tool of the beBee Affinity Social Network鈥檚 鈥Live Buzz.鈥聽 馃悵 (Details and links appear below the videos)

馃帴 聽Tim Dwyer Video 1 of 4 - Run Time 14:59

馃帴 聽Tim Dwyer Video 3 of 4 - Run Time 10:31

馃帴 聽Tim Dwyer Video 3 of 4 - Run Time 15:00

馃帴 聽Tim Dwyer Video 4 of 4 - Run Time 9:03

Tim mentions: The Free Shirlaws Stages diagnostic tool that will help you understand exactly where your business is in its lifecycle, and the plans to put in place to secure your growth tomorrow.

Tim Dwyer is the Global Partner and Director of Shirlaws Group, specialists in consulting, coaching and advisory of large scale businesses in Australia and the Asia Pacific. He draws from his 20+ years experience in business as an entrepreneur, business owner and leader in mastering the frameworks that help businesses grow revenues and most importantly, build the sustainable value of the business.


Tim Dwyer


The Shirlaws Group


Botany Bay Business Enterprise Centre

Marcus Dwyer, Executive Officer


Bayside Council

Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport

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David B. Grinberg

5 years ago #1

Thanks for sharing this "sweet honey" Lance, which is very interesting. I really like your perspective as well as the videos. Great info, mate!

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