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I See People




I see people. Well unlike the kid in Sixth Sense I don’t see dead people. In fact I see real people and celebrities to be more precise. Let me explain.

It started roughly a couple of weeks ago in the most unexpected way. It was around 7.45  am and I was driving my son to school on my way to work. And here she was at the bus stop. Nicole Kidman was there in plain sight. She was elegant in her dress and sporting a light jacket. Her eyes were hiding behind a light pair of shades on this sunny Irish morning but she was chic and classy. I laughed and told my son hey buddy have you seen who is at the bus stop, I did not even wait for his answer. Yeah I know pretty unlikely to meet Nicole Kidman in our small suburban area. Where is she dad ? Ah the lady over there ? Yeah I said. Mrs Walsh you mean …. Indeed this was Mrs Walsh I felt deflated. What the heck happened. My son’s probably thought it was a dads joke and left it that … too.

Later at lunch break I was about to take a stroll to the plaza near work where I thought I would treat myself to an artisan sandwich. Our entrance or exit depending on which way you go directly faces a small one way street with two sidewalks. I stopped on the porch for a few seconds. It’s something I like to do not sure if it is because I need to summon the courage to go for a walk or if I just need to fill my memory with a high octane gaze on the passers-by. I was not even 10 seconds on the porch that my eyes got attracted by a gentleman with particular demeanour. I adjusted my vision and I could not believe it. Gabriel Byrne was in town. Not surprising since he is Irish and from Dublin on top of that. So indeed all this is very logical right ?

The thing is I met Gabriel if you allow me to call him Gabriel years ago in Paris. I was at the Irish College barbecue and he dropped by for a few minutes. I did not know who he was but the Irish got very excited to see him. Cut a long story short I ended spending the rest of the day with him. He explained he was in Paris shooting a few scenes for a project called Usual Suspects. We got on really well and it turned out to be a very late night. The last I saw of him was when I made sure the cab driver took him to the right hotel. And here he was a few metres away from me. I was dying to go over and have this long overdue catch up. The thing is that on a second look I got hugely disappointed to find out it was not Gabriel. In fact he was not even remotely a look alike. Gosh I am starving I really need that sandwich I guess it is my diabetes playing tricks on me today.

Later on at home I was sitting on our front bench for a few minutes when the familiar sight of the UPS van appeared in front of me. There has never been so many delivery vans lately, one guy from DPD does even my first name at this stage. Thanks to my other half and her online shopping habits Dave (that’s his name) always asked me half-jokingly if I have bought another dress since he comes to our house on average twice a week. But lets  go back to my UPS guy. What a surprise to see Morgan Freeman himself in a UPS gear. I scratched my head for a minute. Hang on !! Well he is too old to work as a driver, surely things must be very bad if he ended in Ireland working as a driver. That cannot be. Checking again I could see the familiar grin and charisma emanating from the individual wearing the impeccable UPS uniform. This time I am right but the thing is a few seconds later I realized this was not Morgan. He was at least 30 years younger and half his size. Giving it up as  bad job I decided to go back into the house.

My wife was in the kitchen and just when I was about to ask if she needed any help she enquired about my day and asked me I had seen many people.

Not having the heart to begin to explain what I have gone thru that day,  I just answered.

I sure did… I sure did. 




Pascal Derrien Copyright June 2021

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Pascal Derrien

4 months ago #18

That's a fact Neil and I agree that many of the comments on my articles are far more entertaining than the posts themselves :-)

Neil Smith

4 months ago #17

I'm still smiling. Not just at your article but at the banter in the comments. Thanks. 

Pascal Derrien

4 months ago #16

Nick Mlatchkov

4 months ago #15

U must've had a whole ... day dreaming!

Pascal Derrien

4 months ago #14

#13 I must say you looked very dapper for such a long flight :-)

Paul Walters

4 months ago #13

Pascal Derrien

4 months ago #12

John Rylance

4 months ago #11

Yes I see people, but I mainly listened to passers by and snatches of their conversations. Gems like well its no good to her as a leg, and if less people had gone more could have attended.I switch off quickly when I hear the phrase and I was like. I rather not know.

Its much more interesting trying to guess what led someone to call their Dalmatian Meatball.

What person goes around shouting Meatball trying to get the dog to come to heel. I didnt blame it running off.

All these are genuine eavesdroppings

Thanks for cheering up my day.

Pascal Derrien

4 months ago #10

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 months ago #9

Pascal Derrien

4 months ago #8

Ken Boddie

4 months ago #7

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 months ago #6

@Pascal Derrien I am concerned you have developed a neurological problem that needs to be checked out. If it were a one-off type of experience, then I would think nothing of it, but something bigger is likely going on. Please do yourself and your family a big favour by having this checked out. This is not just a case of tired eyes, or silly coincidences. This could be the sign of something much more serious. Please don't take it lightly.

Pascal Derrien

4 months ago #5

Ken Boddie

4 months ago #4

Further to #3 below, Pascal, where's Nicole Kidman when you need her? 🤔

Ken Boddie

4 months ago #3

Pascal Derrien

4 months ago #2

Ken Boddie

4 months ago #1

Wish I had occasion to see Nicole Kidman at the local bus stop, Pascal. With my luck and the population mix in my suburb, it's either school kids or old age pensioners.  😟

The only way for me to “See People” would be if the odd celebrity or two got accidentally locked in the freezer cabinet at my local butcher. I'd then be the first to look inside and, yep, there they'd be, ‘Icy People’.  🤣😂🤣

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