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Breast reconstruction surgery process

Breast reconstruction surgery process

Before Breast reconstruction surgery can begin, the chest tissue must be prepared. The surgeon places a tissue expander underneath the chest wall muscles, gradually stretching them. This procedure prepares the chest wall to accept tissue-based implants fashioned from a tissue expander. The expander will also be surrounded by a material called acellular dermal matrix (ADM). The ADM can be derived from either human or animal tissue.

The breast reconstruction process can be delayed or immediate. The former is done on the same day as the mastectomy, while the latter is performed later after the cancer treatment. The exact timing of breast reconstruction will depend on the cancer type and the patient's wishes. The surgeon will work with the patient to determine the optimal timing. Patients must discuss their needs and any medical conditions that may affect the breast reconstruction process. If the surgery is accompanied by mastectomy, the patient should discuss their preferences with the doctor to help them decide on the best timing.

After an initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will determine which procedure is right for them. During this consultation, Dr. will discuss your expectations, body shape, and past surgeries. During the consultation, he or she will also answer any questions you might have. It is important to feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon, as they have the experience needed to perform breast reconstruction. If you're ready to start the process, schedule a consultation today.

In addition to the MCP, you may also choose to have your flaps removed. In this case, the surgeon will use your existing tissue or a tissue donor in another area. However, you may be unable to use this type of tissue because you lack the necessary vessels in your body. You can also use tissue from your inner thighs and buttocks. There are other types of flaps that don't restrict the use of the lower abdominal muscles, such as TRAM flap.

Depending on your specific situation, you may also be offered pre-pectoral breast reconstruction. This method of breast reconstruction minimizes pain and allows for faster recovery. The procedure is performed on top of the pectoral muscles, rather than under them. This allows patients to resume normal activities sooner than if they'd had to use implants in the pectoral area. The procedure lasts about two to four hours and requires general anesthesia.

If you are a candidate for free-flap breast reconstruction, you must take at least four weeks off work after the procedure. However, this surgery may not be suitable for you if your muscles are weak or if you're overweight or a smoker. These women should discuss these risks with their plastic surgeon before undergoing this procedure. The surgery can also cause complications in women with suppressed immune systems or chronic medical conditions. Additionally, women with high blood pressure, smoking history, and excessive weight increase their risk of complications.

Breast reconstruction is a complex procedure that involves many different procedures and multiple specialists. While the majority of women are candidates, different types of surgery will be recommended. The surgeon and patient will discuss which type of breast reconstruction will be most effective for your specific situation. Tissue-based reconstruction, for example, uses the patient's own tissue, combining the implant with other tissues from other areas of the body. These procedures are often performed in combination with other procedures to create a natural looking, symmetrical breast.


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