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72 Hours on Norfolk Islands


Norfolk Islands is a serene group of islands with abundant natural beauty, in the Southern Pacific Ocean. It is an external territory of Australia. With a volcanic history, the island abounds in pristine sugary beaches, rugged landscapes, plenty of Norfolk pines, and a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are numerous bays around the island which just add to its natural beauty. The fascinating amalgamation of Polynesian and European culture further makes the island a place of must-visit. 

Places to visit in 72 hours in Norfolk Islands 

Choose any of the widely offered Norfolk Island Holiday Packages and enjoy these activities: 

Visit the World Heritage Site of Kingston: The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kingston and Arthur Vale Historic Area or KAVHA is a magnificent place to experience the culture and history of the island. It is a surviving example of the European colonial expansion in this region. The site is bounded by beautiful mountains. The site has ghost tours and live shows at night as entertainment. This incredible museum has probably one of the darkest skies on Earth. It is perfect for stargazing. 

Swim at Emily Bay: The Emily Bay is the first place one should visit in the Norfolk Islands. The Bay features crystal clear turquoise waters and coral reefs. It is perfect for swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, etc. One can also simply relax and take strolls at the beach. At night the Bay looks like a magical land under the starry sky. 

Wonderland By Night: The ‘Wonderland By Night’ is an arrangement set up for travelers on the islands. The island abounds in pine trees and bushland. These trees and bushes are lit up and one can meander through the winding paths in the forest. A service called the ‘Moon Bugee’ accommodates ten people at a time to the bounty mutineer show. 

Visit the Hundred Acres Reserve: The visit to the Hundred Acres Reserve National Park should be on your itinerary list. The reserve abounds in lush green foliage, especially pine trees. One can walk through the winding myriad of tracks and feel the calmness of the place. There are kangaroos and a variety of birds in the reserve. 

Climb up the Mouth Bates: The highest point on the Norfolk Islands, Mount Bates provides a bird view of the complete island. The peak is covered by green foliage and provides beautiful scenic views. The summit point has a lot of weapons remains that were used during World War II.

Go on a shopping spree at the Sunday Markets: The Sunday market is set up in the Bicentennial Complex. It has the stuff to cater to everybody’s needs. There are handicraft shops, vendors selling fruits and vegetables, jewelry shops, book shops, etc. There are shops selling vintage and antique stuff. You can enjoy authentic plantation coffee at a coffee shop in the complex. 

Gaze at a beautiful Norfolk Sunset: The beaches of the island will give you a view of the quintessential Norfolk Sunset. The ‘Puppy Point’ is a perfect place to catch a glimpse of the sun setting down below the horizon. The sky looks colorful in various hues of golden and crimson. The sky meeting the turquoise waters is a scene to behold and cherish forever. You can enjoy the scrumptious seafood and sip some wine while gazing at the sunset.

Enjoy the Norfolk Cuisine 

The Norfolk cuisine is full of tropical fruits and vegetables. It has a banana as a prime ingredient. Banana and all the parts of banana plants are used in a lot of delicacies. Mouth-watering seafood delicacies are available on the island.

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