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101 and Still Rhyming Along

101 and Still Rhyming AlongSex mati cr yer dog puss you $58 cant
ar bk act ce. Se ey 1, She
Jot 3 dog.

Vow reach wads your hod and shoibc across.
am od tay of brs. ad bard feo fears. Wt ae
was jos 3 og. 3
ANC hong ad cal desig diy of work.
yc ve smi to i a 1s co: ome 3)
et cake wl ber Ye, ie ws pst 3 de.
Thc who herve over owed omc, wil

mew gt & That dog, was yeer Wiesd,

nb abt, pegs prt.

Prk, amity reve, dm

hock, pnd dg ck

Just a dog, right?

by me

Not bad for 101, eh? Well I'm talking beBee long form posts, of course.  Before I arrive at a century in years, I trust that somebody will probably have taken pity on me and shot me, that is if we still have a planet by then.

101 posts in just under three years means about three posts every month. In actuality, like many long term 'producers' on beBee, my post production rate varies much more extensively, with periods of feverish activity interspersed with periods of relative non-productivity. Throughout the last three years, however, I have rarely been away from beBee (even when not actively posting), preferring to spend my time dreaming up appropriate comments in response to the posts of others, whether they are those whose posts I choose to read keenly and frequently, or the occasional newBee or infrequent visitor to the ongoing beBee party.

So it is to my record of comments on the posts of others upon which I have drawn this current 102nd post, in keeping with previous similar listings, which you can find at the following links:  

Some of these comments are, hopefully, comical, some perhaps poetic, and others .... well you decide.

So let's start this party with a few old friends and a small taste of their works .....


Gert Scholtz in his



JUST SAYING.  gave us a magical pictorial tour of his homeland, to which I commented:

I’ve been looking again at these magnificent pics, Gert, and wondering if those splendid sunset framing trees (third from the top) are boabs (or baobabs) like we have in the outback here in Oz? Unfortunately many of our coastal dwelling populace who haven’t ventured there, think our amazing and beautiful outback is the end of the earth. In fact the last time I took a trip to outer ‘Wop Wop’ I had to reassure my neighbours back east that it wasn’t the end of the earth. I could see it from my balcony window, however.


Ian Weinberg in his

pe NATL TA (g I)

tr ALC y

Ta  gave us some sage advice on our focus in life, which I summarised with:

The road from womb to tomb,
Should not be gloom and doom,
It’s how we go, not where, and what discloses,

Let’s look beyond the mist,
Free our knickers from their twist,
And for goodness sake slow down and smell the roses.


Ian Weinberg in her



py _-
no tits to pull, no hay to haul
no buckets to wash, no shit to pitch
Just poke a hole in the son-of-a-bitch.*  suggested how we may most meaningfully reflect, to which I commented:

Good sound advice as always, Renée. We should all look deeply at ourseves from time to time. Perhaps I’ll start by looking in the mirror every morning, as that’s something I can see myself doing.


Susan 🐝 Rooks, the Grammar Goddess in her

VINE 10g PINAL]  described to us the things for which she is grateful and asked us to respond in kind, to which I commented:

For Gratitude, Rabbie Burns says it all with the following:
“Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it,
But we hae meat and we can eat,
Sae let the Lord be Thankit!”


Renée 🐝 Cormier in his

I'm not
letting go!  introduced us to the spiritual side of his work and suggested how to attain Nirvana in the kitchen, to which I commented:

I envy you your spiritual enlightenment, Randy. If I come into your restaurant can you make me [at] one with everything?


Claire L Cardwell in her

2e58d25e.png  delighted in demonstrating the beauty of curved architecture., whereas I have been pulling her leg for quite some time about the difficulties which the engineer and builder experience when deviating from the straight and true, and so the banter continued:

Just like Joni Mitchell, we’re going “round and round and round in the circle game”.
And so .....
Curves are cute,
And fun to boot,
Aesthetic fun to share,
But their paradigm,
At construction time,
Is a builder’s worst nightmare.

Furthermore .....
Curves are very fine,
If you use them all the time,
And you have the maths to work out how they’re weighted,
But .....
If you’re not a frequent user,
You could end up quite a loser,
And be absolutely discombobulated


Susan 🐝 Rooks, the Grammar Goddess in her

a879c5e1.png  bemoaned the lack of well written and original posts on SM these days, to which I commented:

Like you, Lada, I hate poor grammar and spelling, but only in my own blogs. I am much more forgiving of others, provided that they open up and reveal their character in the telling of the tale. I love writers who tell us their own personal experiences, good and bad, in their own words, without ‘photocopying’ the experiences of others; who feed us enough tasty personal treats to leave us begging for more; who, in essence, show us their strengths and weaknesses openly. If I want listicles, how to’s, cold lifeless bullshit chest puffing, and the preachings and biased advice of marketers and self barrow pushing snake oil sellers, I’ll go buy a text book, download a user manual, or go back to Linked In. Keep delivering your heart and soul onto the page, Lada, and you’ll always have an audience, whatever your subject matter.


Paul Walters in his

fd725d29.png  brilliantly narrates a letter of complaint he ‘wrote’ to his bank manager, to which I commented:

Ah, Pak Paul, you write so fondly of my second favourite collective, a 'greed of bankers', surpassed only by a 'quarrel of lawyers'. And now for this week's quandary - if you saw a banker and a lawyer drowning and you could only save one, would you read the paper or go to lunch?


Randall Burns in her

bc42a153.png  gave us a poetic rendering of her love for music and days gone by, to which I commented:

It’s true that old time rock and roll,
Is gonna help to sooth the soul,
But when a muso’s on the dole,
He needs an old time sausage roll.


Cyndi wilkins in her

86cb634e.png  wrote a beautifully poetic tribute to Ian Weinberg’s four legged companion who recently passed, and told how she is passing her name onto the latest doggy adopted by her family, to which I commented:

Beautiful poem selection, Cyndi, and an apt tribute to old mate, @Ian Weinberg, and the recent loss of his treasured Roxy.
Blue heelers (also known as Australian cattle dogs) are very protective of family members, but also have a natural instinct to herd. So if you have any errant children (I believe your daughter may now be a bit old) they tend to keep then in check by lightly nipping at their heels. Good on ya, Cyndi, for 'saving' her from an animal shelter and not getting her from a pet shop where, in many countries, they have links to cruel puppy production lines


Claire L Cardwell in her

839e7a41.png  had our mouth’s watering over her depiction of the staff and menu at her favourite local diner, to which I commented:

Glad to see you out and about and enjoying yourself, Joyce. Such a pity that we don't have your famous diners here in Oz, but I've heard all about them from my vegetarian Chinese friend, Brocco Lee.


Lisa Vanderburg in her

8e4fa3ad.png  asks us how the bad guys get away with murder in the movies, to which I commented:

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
Hilarious post, girl,
An absolute must.
Call me a cab,
Then steal all my money,
Then call me a liar,
If this post ain’t ‘dead funny’


Lada 🏡 Prkic in his

49f3924d.png  gave us his thoughts on recent improvements in computer memory, appetisingly constructed bite by bite, to which I commented:

Nice one, Jerry. As the years roll by, technology acquires vast increase in memory storage and nothing is floppy anymore. Wish I could say the same for me.


Jennifer Leach-Trask in her

f5df1d8d.png  gave us some key strategies for creating a good first impression on SM and turning readers into our “fan base and potential customers”, but I couldn’t resist pulling her leg:

As a recent cave dweller, Jennifer, used to hanging out with my ancient homo sapiens buddies, and dragging our respective knuckles along the ground, I can assure you that our human psyche has not, as yet, developed beyond the 'Naked Ape' stage, and so we are still hard wired to quickly classify new acquaintances (based on first impressions) as either safe (ie they are well suited to join our intimate cave party) or unsafe (ie they may end up clubbing us to death or, worse still, dragging our women folk by the hair, out of our respective caves, kicking and screaming). Hence I suspect that our modern day social media dalliance merely taps into this pre-neanderthal predisposed neutron line-up inside our archaic brains. Until such time as our psyche develops beyond a 'comfort circle' of no more than about 5 or 6 cave dwellers, perhaps we need to constantly remind ourselves of the potential benefits of diversity, and welcome more newcomers into our inner circle ..... while, hopefully, stopping short of hugging psychopaths and mass murderers?


Paul Walters in his

35cc5157.png  told of the dangers of using flip top charts, to which I commented:

When you ain’t got time to Google it,

The dictionary’s lost,

And your spelling’s getting worse and worse each day,

Why don’t you phone a friend,

Use a whiteboard to amend,

And throw that bloody flip top chart away?


Joel Anderson in his

16473be6.png  told of time spent with his niece after her participation in the special Olympics:

Yes we all scream, Joel, for miles of smiles. As for the beard trimming suggestion, and as one who is similarly afflicted with a crumb catcher, I find that beards tend to grow on people.


Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador in his

88b5298a.png  told us how an old lady from Wisconsin won an advertising competition with a rudely hilarious poem, to which I commented:

Hey Royce .....
Your dairy farm lady just had me in fits,
With tales of hard chores, moving shit and cows’ tits,
But what I can’t fathom, no matter the hour,
Is how to get milk from a carnation flower.


Don Philpott☘️ in his

e959b03c.png  told how his first boss appeared to take delight in maximizing his inefficiency, to which I commented:

Interesting take your warehouse man had on efficiency (or rather controlled inefficiency). He obviously had never heard of Lean or Six Sigma. Incidentally, if you ever wonder where he ended up, I'm pretty confident he must be responsible for the traffic gridlock that regularly occurs here in Brisbane.


Cyndi wilkins in his

c7577b4c.png  suggested how we might set goals and go for them, to which I commented:

The sad fact, Preston, is that only 'a small number of us' actually set goals and, of those who do, only 'a small number of us' actually write our goals down, so that we can remind ourselves and work on them.
And what do you get when you multiply 'a small number' by 'a small number'? Diddly squat, that's what!
As for the 'race' from start to finish, as you have pointed out, first we need to stop procrastinating and take the fist step. As I stated in @Gert Scholtz's post "About Time" earlier today:

There's just no time like the present,
'Cause tomorrow, for sure, never comes,
So let's all ensure life is pleasant,
By removing our thumbs from our bums.


Bill King in his

3616aa75.png  tells how he rather comically lost his swimming trunks while water skiing, and asked us what lesson could be learned:

Can’t find the moral, Bill?
Too hard to define?
Why not have a look,
Where the sun doesn’t shine?


@Ian Weinberg in his

8ba0d0b3.png  tells us of a simple monkey trap in India where the monkey only has to let go of its prize to set itself free:

Great example of our inherent resistance to change, Don, and how we need to rise above our cultural and/or self imposed ”Monkey see, monkey do” imprisonment and adapt to positive change for the better. Am filing this away for my change management presentations, with your permission.


And finally a double show from those two stalwarts from South Africa. 

Gert Scholtz, one of them, in his

471ee323.png  interviewed the other, Ian Weinberg, our unique and ubiquitous, multi-functioning neuro-medic:

Ian Weinberg and Gert Scholtz. Really glad this one resurfaced 18 months down the track. Can’t understand how I missed this obvious classic. Filing it away in Café beBee for later reference. You have a rare knack for interviewing, Gert, and you, Ian, have a rare aptitude for giving us an enticing flip-top peep into the biomechanics, dynamics, organics, and no doubt occasional panics, associated with the inner workings of our grey matter. Always a pleasure to see more of how the neuro-ticks.


I hope you'll take time out to read these posts of your fellow bees, if you haven't done so already, and respond in similar ilk by proffering a comment or two.


75c94d95.jpgWhen not researching the weird or the wonderful, the comical or the cultured, the sinful or the serious, I chase my creative side, the results of which can be seen as selected photographs of my travels on my website at:

The author of the above, Ken Boddie, besides being a sometime poet and occasional writer, is an enthusiastic photographer, rarely leisure-travelling without his Canon, and loves to interact with other like-minded people with diverse interests.

Ken's three day work week (part time commitment) as a consulting engineer allows him to follow his photography interests, and to plan trips to an ever increasing list of countries and places of scenic beauty and cultural diversity.

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Ken Boddie

2 years ago #32

Thanks, Paul ..... The making of couplets that rhyme, Takes quite an investment of time, Whilst the model grandchild paradigm, Takes some nine months of pure pantomime. 🤗

Paul Walters

2 years ago #31

great post-Ken Boddie Humbled I am ( Yoda speak) Love your couplets and cute grandson.!!!

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #30

It's really quite simple, Preston \ud83d\udc1d Vander Ven Every time I comment on a buzz I share it in my own hive. I then only have one hive to go through and select future comments or extracts for posts such as this. 🤗

Lada 🏡 Prkic

2 years ago #29

Interesting, because when I typed Croacia spellcheck underlined the word. I wrote a few drafts on Croatian culture but never finished them. Hoping soon. :)

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #28

You’re welcome, Joyce \ud83d\udc1d Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee. Don’t forget to stop occasionally, unwind and smell the roses. 🌹🌹🌹

Thanks for the mention, Ken Boddie. So wrapped up in things, I almost missed it--but I definitely miss all of these guys.

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #26

Thank you for your ongoing support, Debasish.

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #25

And the ‘dirt doctor’ would love to hear more about Croatian culture and food. Interesting that spellcheck didn’t pick up my ‘Croacian’ blunder.

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #24

you are an amazing bee Ken Boddie! i enjoyed all of your buzzes so far i came across and an avid lover to go through your buzzes. lovely read and shared. thank you for the buzz sir.

Lada 🏡 Prkic

2 years ago #23

I'm glad you think that way about comments from Croatia. :-) To the best of my knowledge, I am the last of active users left on beBee to "defend" the colours of my country. 🇭🇷 I feel a bit lonely. About the "dirt doctor", I would love to read more posts about dirt investigations performed by Dr Ken. :) Here is my accidentally removed comment again: Ken, firstly, thank you for always having appropriate comments in response to my posts you choose to read keenly and frequently. :) I appreciate it very much. I was trying to follow your steps in commenting, but many times you were faster in writing new posts than I in responding to previous ones. If I am one of those commenters who write one-word comments, I would have been more prolific in commenting too. :) Congrats on your "century" in posting. I admire your ability to write about a wide range of topics and your skill to respond to posts and comments in a variety of forms to the delight of authors. Keep them coming, "Dirt Doctor." 🤗

what matters, is that it comes from the unique 'you' Ken Boddie and that is its strenght and beauty!

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #21

Thanks for your good wishes and compliments, . I am well aware, however, that my posts and comments can be an acquired taste and do not have the same sparkle to all that a cut and polished “gem” might have.

Lada 🏡 Prkic

2 years ago #20

Ken, I have just accidentally removed my comment while scrolling the thread on my mobile. I will try to rewrite it when coming back home.

may he become 101! our loved writing bee @Ken Boddie

writing with love for beBee, it is a blessing. Proud of you Ken Boddie and thank you for having shared your gems with us. It is only natural to have periods of intensive writing and then take a break, a great way to re-sourcing and come with new ideas/inspiration.

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #17

Aha! No post would be complete without a Comment from Croacia, Lada. As I’ve suggested before, it’s quality not quantity that’s paramount in my eyes, so prolificity is not important. Thanks for the reminder about the ‘dirt doctor’. Perhaps it’s time for him to open his consulting post again?

Lada 🏡 Prkic

2 years ago #16

Ken, firstly, thank you for always having appropriate comments in response to my posts you choose to read keenly and frequently. :-) I appreciate it very much. I was trying to follow your steps in commenting, but many times you were faster in writing new posts than I in responding to previous ones. If I am one of those commenters who write one-word comments, I would have been more prolific in commenting too. Congrats on your "century" in posting. I admire your ability to write about a wide range of topics and your skill to respond to posts and comments in a variety of forms to the delight of authors. Keep them coming, "Dirt Doctor." 🤗


Ken Boddie

2 years ago #14

Many thanks, Joel Anderson. I see, like me, you’re a bit more fertile around the chin than in the cranium follicles. Perhaps we’re built upside down? Does your nose also run and your feet also smell like mine do? Then that clinches it! 🤣😂🤣

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #13

Many thanks, Bill. May you continue to be never lost for words. 🤣😂🤣

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #12

Many thankFranci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador ................................. Your Highness, Bee Queen Franci, Always smiling, never cranky, In our hives I hope you’ll stay, Please don’t ever go away. 🙏🏼

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #11

Thanks, Praveen Raj Gullepalli, one of the few remaining ‘boys from the gap’, fellow purveyor of dad jokes and rollicking bush poet. Keep them quips a comin’, Prav.

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #10

You’re most welcome, Jerry Fletcher. And so I hope it keeps going. 🤣

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #9

#3 Thanks, Ian Weinberg. We surely do chew the fat “up over” ..... and the cud ..... and the rag. Occasionally some of our more refined (a rare beast) city dwellers might even have a tête-à-tête. But out in the sticks we’re more likely to have a yarn. Glad you’re still stimulated here on beBee, mate. The regulars get a bit thin on the ground from time to time, but something enticing always seems to pop up. I look forward to reading those from my favourite brain mechanic.

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #8

Many thanks, Pascal Derrien. It’s brilliant posts like yours that stimulae appropriate responses.


Methinks, this is one fine post many thanks to our host I'm keen about your jive it keeps the hive alive smiles and fist bumps and lots of high fives! Brilliant post Ken Boddie, and thank you for mention. Congrats on your post anniversary and keep em coming.

Joel Anderson

2 years ago #5

Ken Boddie truly humbled an honored for the inclusion. Yep the crumb catcher is still ever present and the ongoing search for smiles continues to reap nothing but positive rewards. The mojo is good with you. Keep making a difference and all the best for a rewarding and smile ladened 2019.. Joel

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #4

Ken, Thanks for the mention and a wonderful reminder of the brilliance here assembled. A couple of times a week what I find on beBee makes my day. And so it goes...

Ian Weinberg

2 years ago #3

Oh, and congrats on the century Ken Boddie The regular chuckle over many of your posts and comments have kept the tubes flowing!

Ian Weinberg

2 years ago #2

Thanks for the mention Ken Boddie description) and ‘chewing the fat’ (not sure if that term is used in the Land Upover - here in iAfrica it denotes a chilled chat usually accompanied by favorite fluids!) And yes, I pop on to beBee fairly frequently to check out the buzz. Have a splendid weekend mate. Back here at home it’s a Gordon firr me ...

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #1

This is a brilliant post and tribute to so many talented contributors ☝️Happy writing anniversary milestone 😜

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