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    3 weeks ago

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    Company Overview:
    AllcraftTrade Solutionsisa leading family-ownedbusinessin the construction trade industry.
    Specialising in delivering premium construction materials, tools, and equipment to ourvalued customers.
    We are committed to meetingourcustomers'requirementswithbeing authentic and dependable.
    Harnessing the vastexpertiseof our team,comprisedof seasoned former contractors,we offer expert advice, innovative solutions, and exceptional service.

    About the Role:

    Join our team atAllcraftTrade Solutions as a Customer-Focused Sales Manager, whereyou'lllead our Sales team to reach sales targets and drive the growth of our company.

    In this role,you'llbe responsible forstrategic planning, team development, client relationship management, and cross-departmental collaboration.
    While primarily based in an office setting, occasional travel may be necessary for client meetings and industry events.
    We are seekinga dynamic and results-driven customer-focused Sales Manager to join our team.

    As the Sales Operations Manager, you will play a pivotal role in developing and executing sales strategies in alignment with business objectives.

    The successful candidate will be focused on optimising team productivity to achieve sales and profitability goals while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

    This position requires a highly organised individual with excellent problem-solving and task-management skills.
    Strong interpersonal and communication skills are essential, along with an authentic and open leadership style.
    Bring yourpassion for driving growth in a fast-paced and innovative environment.

    Key Responsibilities:
    Develop and execute sales strategies
    Lead and motivate the sales team
    Drive achievement of sales targets
    Foster strong client relationships
    Provide product knowledge and training
    Analyse and report on sales performanceWho We Are Looking For:
    Ideal candidates willpossessexcellent communication skills, strategic thinking abilities, and a results-driven mindset.
    Your role will require you toleverageinnovative problem-solving skills anddemonstrateresilience when facing challenges

    In addition, you willdemonstrate:
    Proven experience in sales management or a similar leadership role
    Strong leadership and motivational abilities
    Excellent communication, interpersonal and innovative problem-solving skills
    Deep understanding of sales principles and practices
    Analytical and strategic thinking prowess with effective time management.

    What's In ItForYou?JoiningAllcraftTrade Solutions offers a permanent, full-time opportunityto work in and champion a unique and niche market and continue to build a team around you With a rapidly growing company that prioritises its employees, you'llbe immersed in a positive, energetic company culture and rewarded with a competitive salary package.

    Ifyou'reready to make a meaningful impact and contribute to our success, we encourage you to apply today.
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