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Senior Java Developer - Full Stack (BB-3D016)

Found in: Fidanto AU

Senio. Jav. Develope. Ful. Stac. Locatio. Parramatta. NS. Typ. Full-Time. permanen. positio. You. par. i. . changin. worl. A. QBE. wer. drive. b. ou. purpos. t. giv. peopl. th. confidenc. t. achiev. thei. ambitions. W. ar. a. internationa. insure. an. reinsure. offerin. . divers. portfoli. o. commercial. persona. an. specialt. products. a. wel. a. ris. managemen. solutions. Ou. produc. portfoli. include. property. motor. crop. energy. marin. an. aviation. W. employe. . tea. o. mor. tha. 11,80. people. i. 2. countrie. aroun. th. world. Th. opportunit. Du. t. a. excitin. perio. o. expansio. withi. th. business. w. ar. currentl. recruitin. tw. Senio. Jav. Developer. t. joi. ou. QB. in-hous. softwar. developmen. team. I. thi. rol. yo. wil. wor. a. ful. stac. develope. usin. Agil. methodolog. an. wil. nee. t. hav. experienc. a. such. Yo. wil. als. hav. experienc. o. usin. bot. legac. an. moder. Jav. technologies. Ke. Responsibilitie. includ. Wor. i. . squa. tha. ensure. th. deliver. o. I. solution. ar. withi. th. agree. time. cos. an. qualit. constraints. Responsibl. fo. ful. softwar. developmen. cycl. includin. design. documentation. estimation. coding. an. testin. Develo. application. usin. agil. methodolog. an. bes. DevSecOp. practice. Responsibl. fo. ful. stac. developmen. a. wel. a. implementin. automate. test. Modernis. traditiona. we. application. an. transfor. the. int. moder. architectur. usin. singl. pag. application. SPA. an. microservice. A. . team. responsibl. fo. technica. suppor. t. ensur. tha. productio. system. ar. operationa. an. d. no. disrup. busines. operations. Embrac. an. suppor. . tea. cultur. tha. drive. continuou. improvemen. initiative. whic. ca. delive. measurabl. benefit. t. stakeholders. You. stor. s. fa. B.S. M.. o. Ph. i. Compute. Scienc. o. relate. fiel. . numbe. o. year. o. commercia. we. applicatio. softwar. developmen. i. Jav. Exper. leve. o. understandin. o. J2E. technolog. stac. Spring. Hibernate. . EJB. JMS. Struts. Proficienc. i. ful. stac. developmen. fron. end. services. database. Desire. Skillse. Experienc. i. tes. drive. developmen. usin. Junit. moc. objects. Seleniu. Familia. wit. tool. lik. Eclipse. Maven. JIRA. Confluence. SVN. Gi. Goo. knowledg. o. JBos. an. Tomca. runnin. o. Re. Ha. Enterpris. Linu. RHEL. Experienc. i. MariaD. databas. Understand. UML. Objec. Oriente. Desig. Principles. Desig. Pattern. Confiden. i. dee. divin. t. ope. sourc. code. i. neede. t. resolv. issue. Experienc. i. MuleSoft. Reac. amp. Sprin. Boo. Experienc. i. Docke. an. Azur. Cloud. W. ar. her. t. suppor. yo. W. ar. prou. t. hav. bee. Vote. #. i. th. 201. To. 2. Australia. Workplace. fo. Ne. Dad. HB. Direc. Advic. fo. Dads. an. w. achieve. Gol. Employe. statu. i. bot. th. 201. an. 202. Australia. Workplac. Equalit. Inde. AWEI. th. definitiv. nationa. benchmar. o. LGBT. workplac. inclusion. W. ar. als. . finalis. i. th. 202. Australia. H. Awards. shortliste. fo. Bes. Workplac. Diversit. amp. Inclusio. Progra. an. Bes. Healt. amp. Wellbein. Program. W. offe. . rang. o. benefit. t. hel. provid. holisti. suppor. fo. you. wor. life. whateve. you. circumstance. A. . QB. employee. w. wil. offe. yo. Flex QB. leav. t. enhanc. you. work lif. integratio. Ou. A. M. Bes. wellbein. program. whic. include. . fre. 12-mont. subscriptio. t. Headspac. Acces. t. Shar. th. Car. 1. week. flexibl. leav. fo. ne. parent. inclusiv. o. pai. superannuatio. Th. abilit. t. maximis. retiremen. saving. throug. voluntar. supe. contribution. an. compan. matchin. Incom. protectio. insuranc. an. reimburse. Deat. an. Tota. Permanen. Disabilit. insuranc. premium. Acces. t. REAC. M. Bes. . fre. holisti. wellbein. coaching. nutritional. financia. an. lega. advic. an. confidentia. counsellin. Discount. o. insuranc. products. ca. hire. hotels. good. an. service. Benefit. throug. ou. variou. sport. an. art. sponsorshi. partner. suc. a. fre. an. discounte. tickets. Joi. us. Clic. APPL. t. submi. you. application. Successfu. applicant. wil. nee. t. complet. wor. rights. polic. an. credi. check. throug. ou. onlin. provide. a. . conditio. o. employment. QB. recognis. th. valu. o. divers. perspective. an. experience. W. ar. committe. t. a. inclusiv. workplac. wher. everyon. feel. value. an. respecte. fo. wh. the. are. I. w. ca. provid. suppor. wit. acces. requirements. alternativ. wor. arrangement. o. yo. woul. lik. t. connec. wit. on. o. ou. network. pleas. contac. u. a. recruitment Application. Clos. CO. Frida. 19t. Februar. 2021. Interna. Applicant. A. . courtesy. pleas. advis. you. manage. befor. makin. . forma. application. Numbe. o. Opening. . Ho. t. Appl. T. submi. you. application. clic. Apply. an. follo. th. ste. b. ste. process. Equa. Employmen. Opportunit. QB. i. a. equa. opportunit. employe. an. i. require. t. compl. wit. equa. employmen. opportunit. legislatio. i. eac. jurisdictio. i. operates.

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