Data Engineer (BB-256B6)

Found in: Fidanto AU

Th. Rol. W. ar. lookin. fo. a. experience. Dat. Enginee. t. joi. th. Grou. Ris. Informatio. Deliver. GRID. tea. withi. Ris. Metric. an. Measuremen. a. ANZ. Thi. i. a. excitin. rol. wit. direc. influenc. o. th. successfu. outcome. o. som. impactfu. program. o. wor. fo. th. bank. Th. candidat. wil. b. th. primar. dat. enginee. workin. o. . projec. t. implemen. role-base. acces. contro. RBAC. acros. . suit. o. dat. warehous. an. B. application. Th. Dat. Enginee. wil. us. thei. experienc. t. hel. desig. an. implemen. th. strategi. RBA. framewor. fo. . ke. AN. dat. asset. Thi. wil. includ. profiling. analysin. an. sourcin. ne. dat. sets. creatin. an. maintainin. store. procedure. an. scripts. workin. wit. stakeholder. an. othe. tea. member. t. develo. technica. requirement. Wha. migh. . da. i. th. lif. loo. like. Contribut. t. desig. dat. structure. fo. dat. ingestion. integratio. an. analytic. layer. o. . variet. o. technologie. Wor. wit. othe. DE. withi. th. squa. an. broade. trib. t. delive. Feature. . epic. a. prioritise. b. th. squa. an. LT. Collaborat. wit. stakeholder. t. incorporat. feedbac. int. dat. model. Buil. automate. dat. governanc. procedure. tha. hel. improv. qualit. an. reduc. manua. interventio. Wha. wil. b. i. you. toolkit. Significan. experienc. withi. Dat. Engineerin. an. Dat. Warehousin. usin. SQ. Serve. 2017. Experienc. workin. withi. . CI C. DataOps. environmen. Experienc. workin. wit. B. Visualisation. tool. QlikSens. o. similar. Critica. thinkin. abilit. t. investigat. an. develo. solution. tha. conside. . wid. rang. o. factor. Innovatio. an. proble. solvin. skill. Communicatio. an. presentatio. skill. Busines. Analysi. skill. Experienc. implementin. UA. o. role-base. acces. framework. woul. b. a. advantag. . cultur. o. contributio. t. delive. solution. tha. maximis. utility. reus. an. scalabilit. an. alig. wit. others. Wh. ar. you. . tea. playe. Th. customer. bigges. fa. Comfortabl. bein. uncomfortabl. Continuou. improvemen. junki. Committe. t. you. ow. an. other. growt. . proble. solve. Ris. savv. . drive. o. delivery

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