Abbott India Ltd A

Customer Service Representative (BB-1BA09)

Found in: Fidanto AU

W. ar. lookin. fo. . professional. enthusiasti. an. custome. focuse. candidat. t. contribut. t. ou. Rapi. Diagnostic. Custome. Suppor. Tea. i. Brisbane. A. Abbot. w. valu. ou. custome. satisfactio. an. ensur. tha. w. g. th. extr. mil. t. delive. hig. standard. o. servic. an. satisfactio. t. ou. customers. I. thi. custome. centri. role. yo. wil. b. responsibl. fo. completin. da. t. da. suppl. chai. task. includin. Processin. custome. order. fo. domesti. an. internationa. customer. Informin. customer. abou. orde. status. backorders. unexpecte. delays. par. shipment. an. produc. issue. Handlin. inboun. produc. enquiries. quotes. produc. return. an. managin. complaint. Analysin. an. resolvin. escalate. custome. issue. Liaisin. wit. transpor. companie. includin. domesti. courier. an. freigh. forwarder. Maintainin. custome. pricin. an. standin. order. Dat. entry. credi. an. invoic. managemen. Assistin. th. Sale. an. Marketin. team. wit. stoc. management. custome. orde. enquirie. an. maintainin. th. custome. databas. Providin. outstandin. assistanc. an. advic. t. externa. an. interna. customer. Buildin. stron. relationship. betwee. th. distributio. sit. an. othe. area. o. Abbott. supplier. an. customer. I. orde. t. b. successfu. i. thi. rol. yo. woul. nee. t. b. someon. wh. love. goin. a. extr. mil. t. delive. th. highes. standard. fo. you. customer. Yo. lov. interactin. wit. peopl. an. ar. goo. a. proble. solving. T. se. yo. apar. fro. othe. candidate. yo. wil. b. abl. t. demonstrat. . hig. degre. o. independenc. an. interpersona. skill. Attentio. t. detai. whe. dealin. wit. comple. custome. order. Experienc. wit. conflic. resolutio. Competenc. i. busines. softwar. e.g. MR. systems. CR. system. an. M. Offic. Stron. communicatio. skill. Abilit. t. buil. an. maintai. custome. relationship. Experienc. wit. QA. Mfg-Pro. i. highl. desirabl. Exposur. t. internationa. market. includin. pacifi. island. wil. b. adventitiou. Abbot. provide. som. fantasti. benefit. fo. ou. employees. thes. includ. Wellbein. program. Discounte. Share. progra. Ongoin. learnin. an. developmen. opportunitie. Eas. acces. t. publi. transpor. AND..Lot. more

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