Business Development Manager, Exadata Database Cloud Service, APAC (BB-4AAAB)

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Ar. yo. excite. abou. makin. . differenc. an. makin. a. impac. i. Oracle. Asi. Pacifi. clou. business. Ar. yo. passionat. abou. th. Oracl. Databas. an. Exadata. D. yo. hav. . can-d. attitud. an. ar. yo. read. t. lea. th. charg. o. movin. Oracl. Databas. customer. int. Oracl. Clou. Infrastructure. I. so. yo. ar. th. righ. perso. fo. thi. job. W. ar. lookin. fo. a. experience. busines. developmen. manage. wh. ca. lea. th. Go-To-Marke. Strateg. fo. Oracle. Asi. Pacifi. Databas. Clou. business. Thi. perso. wil. nee. t. engag. wit. interna. an. externa. stakeholders. partners. an. customer. t. effectivel. positio. Oracle. databas. clou. portfoli. valu. propositio. an. differentiators. Thi. perso. wil. b. workin. wit. sales. produc. development. globa. produc. marketin. an. othe. team. t. develo. compellin. messagin. an. commercia. proposals. Lead. th. programmati. agil. sale. progra. executio. t. hel. sale. discover. progres. an. clos. opportunitie. a. scal. acros. th. APA. region. Lead. b. exampl. i. developin. marque. opportunities. Responsibilitie. Identify. buil. an. execut. scalabl. sale. program. t. gro. APA. Oracl. Clou. Pipelin. an. Consumption. Task. includ. . plannin. an. providin. guidanc. o. wh. t. targe. prioritize. targe. lists . wha. t. offe. optimize. sale. executio. approach. messaging. content. an. ho. t. wi. rapi. progression. differentiators. proo. points. objectio. handling. custome. stories. competition . APA. subjec. matte. exper. an. Go-T. perso. fo. th. Oracl. databas. clou. servic. portfoli. lik. Autonomou. Databas. Dedicated. Exadat. Clou. Service. an. Exadat. Clou. a. Customer. Identif. an. remov. sale. an. technica. roadblock. t. clos. opportunitie. a. scale. Suppor. ke. regiona. opportunitie. an. shado. th. entir. sale. proces. t. ensur. deliver. o. ke. an. referenceabl. wins. Buil. reciproca. relationship. wit. interna. an. externa. stakeholders. partner. an. customers. Identif. synergie. acros. LO. an. wil. ac. o. opportunitie. t. collaborat. an. buil. credibilit. a. al. levels. includin. Line. o. Busines. an. CxOs. Continuou. improvemen. wit. self-research. self-learnin. ensurin. readines. o. th. ne. clou. offerings. Expecte. deliverable. includ. Delive. stron. ne. custome. an. clou. consumptio. growt. o. Oracl. Databas. Clou. Services. Develo. compellin. TC. comparison. an. commercia. proposals. Buil. reusabl. asset. includin. ke. wi. stories. sale. presentations. custome. demo. an. othe. sale. assets. Provid. proactiv. feedbac. t. produc. development. Provid. trainin. t. effectivel. positio. th. valu. propositio. an. differentiator. o. Oracl. databas. clou. portfoli. t. al. interna. an. externa. stakeholders. Driv. Custome. reference. Competencie. Minimu. o. . year. o. relevan. experienc. i. clou. busines. development. sellin. clou. infrastructur. IaaS. an. o. platfor. PaaS. services. Minimu. . yea. experienc. o. positionin. . implementin. . migratin. Oracl. databas. base. bespok. . custo. application. i. publi. an. privat. clouds. Hand. o. experienc. wit. Oracl. Databas. a. wel. a. Oracl. Exadat. Machin. i. desirabl. Prove. trac. recor. o. buildin. compellin. valu. propositio. an. positionin. stron. commercia. proposals. Soli. understandin. o. th. I. industr. Clou. landscap. an. marke. Goo. understandin. o. Clou. security. compliance. networ. connectivit. option. an. approache. t. mov. databas. an. applicatio. workload. t. cloud. Stron. interpersona. skill. wit. prove. abilit. t. communicat. acros. al. level. an. effectivel. adapt. t. varie. situations. Stron. an. creativ. problem-solvin. skill. an. th. abilit. t. adap. an. succee. i. . fas. pace. an. ambiguou. environment. Prove. abilit. t. wor. wel. a. par. o. a. extende. sale. team. Excellen. written. verbal. an. presentatio. skill. i. Englis. Languag. Abilit. t. crystalliz. complex. ambiguou. informatio. int. simple. clear. valu. an. differentiation-base. message. Sale. experienc. wit. . clou. vendo. i. desirable. Detaile. Descriptio. an. Jo. Requirement. Overla. sale. personne. providin. specialis. produc. expertis. t. th. sale. force. Partner. wit. Account. Technology. an. Applicatio. sale. representative. t. qualif. an. clos. ne. busines. o. Oracl. solutions. Provide. specifi. industr. o. produc. expertis. t. facilitat. th. closin. o. deal. withi. sale. representative. territory. Interact. wit. sale. tea. t. architec. th. solution. an. develo. an. execut. solutio. strategie. fo. market. Manage. solutio. opportunitie. t. obtai. appropriat. an. necessar. resource. fo. al. qualifie. opportunities. Lead. team. i. th. sale. proces. fo. establishin. marke. visibilit. an. dea. visibility. Presents demonstrate. solutio. t. hig. leve. client. an. industr. conferenc. attendees. Ma. provid. trainin. t. fiel. sale. o. industry solutions. Build. an. maintain. . networ. an. u. t. dat. specifi. industr. o. produc. knowledge.

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