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ServiceNow architect (BB-E5442)

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Role. an. Responsibilitie. I. Servic. Managemen. ITSM. base. o. ITI. bes. practice. ITI. Servic. processe. o. Incident. Problem. Change. Release. Reques. fulfillment. Configuratio. Managemen. an. Servic. Des. function. Handle. multipl. project. fo. I. Servic. Managemen. ITSM. tool. ServiceNow. implementatio. an. customizatio. base. o. ITI. bes. practices. Experienc. i. designin. th. solutio. fo. client. Clea. understandin. o. process-centri. IT. th. interactio. o. human-base. an. system-base. processe. an. busines. events. an. Servic. Managemen. bes. practice. Excellen. consultin. skill. . Requirement. gatherin. an. problem-solvin. methods. Communicatio. an. presentatio. skill. an. Clien. managemen. Detaile. knowledg. an. experienc. o. ServiceNo. a. a. architectura. level. Knowledg. o. othe. ITS. tool. a. . simila. leve. woul. b. a. advantage. Integratio. o. ServiceNo. wit. othe. application. amp. toolset. Prove. experienc. includin. ful. developmen. lifecycl. requirements. design. build. test. deploy. support. an. I. servic. deliver. managemen. experienc. Experienc. o. workin. i. a. agil. environmen. Tea. leadin. and o. management. includin. tea. planning. prioritizin. amp. goa. settin. Skill. Competencie. Essentia. 1. year. o. relevan. experienc. i. th. fiel. o. I. Servic. Managemen. an. Transformatio. service. practice. . year. o. relevan. experienc. ServiceNo. experienc. whic. involve. design. implementatio. an. management. goo. understandin. o. ITI. processe. fo. application. Clien. interactio. an. projec. deliver. handlin. whil. maintainin. . hig. degre. o. custome. relationshi. an. satisfaction. Additiona. Skill. Excellen. custome. interfacin. skills. Excellen. writte. an. verba. communicatio. skills. Stron. attentio. t. detai. an. outstandin. analytica. an. Problem-solvin. skills.

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