Data Analyst (BB-0E198)

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Wev. als. go. som. grea. informatio. abou. wha. it. lik. t. wor. i. Data AN. o. ou. LinkedI. Lif. page. Th. Rol. W. hav. Dat. Analys. role. availabl. withi. th. Deposit. Tribe. Th. Deposit. Trib. ar. responsibl. fo. th. en. t. en. managemen. o. ANZ. transactio. an. saving. customer. an. products. Ou. missio. i. t. hel. ou. customer. achiev. thei. goal. b. providin. th. righ. solution. whe. i. come. t. ho. the. wan. t. save. us. an. manag. thei. money. Th. AN. Deposit. Trib. i. know. fo. it. grea. cultur. o. collaboration. delivery. hig. performanc. an. fun. supporte. b. a. approachabl. an. inspirin. leadershi. team. I. joinin. thi. Tribe. yo. wil. b. workin. . grou. o. highl. engaged. divers. an. interestin. people. Dat. Analytic. help. organisation. chang. th. wa. the. loo. a. busines. problems. Dat. Analyst. deepl. understan. th. powe. o. dat. t. generat. qualit. custome. insight. manag. information. identif. trend. an. mak. decisions. A. . Dat. Analys. i. . Remediatio. o. Forensic Collatera. Revie. squa. yo. wil. pla. . crucia. rol. i. ou. missio. t. fi. ou. products. system. an. processes. an. ensur. ou. customer. don. los. ou. whe. somethin. goe. wrong. Yo. wil. appl. you. stron. technica. skill. t. sourc. an. interrogat. dat. acros. . rang. o. platform. an. domains. t. ultimatel. ensur. issue. amp. event. ca. b. identified. understood. fixe. an. remediate. accurately. Wha. migh. . da. i. th. lif. loo. like. Addres. an. solv. comple. busines. issue. usin. larg. amount. o. dat. Sourc. dat. fro. . variet. o. platform. Oracle. Teradata. Hadoop Bi. Dat. technologies. t. combine. synthesis. an. analys. t. generat. insight. Defin. an. conduc. test. t. validat. tha. dat. i. accurat. an. fi. fo. purpose. an. tha. remediatio. calculation. ar. correc. Continuou. generation. monitoring. presentin. an. conductin. o. 'fact-based. analysi. o. relevan. custome. insight. t. us. a. an. tim. fo. th. developmen. an. improvemen. o. relevan. an. innovativ. custome. solution. Generate. monitor. presen. an. analys. relevan. custome. insights. costs. benefits. an. risk. fo. customers. client. an. cohor. products. thi. coul. includ. busines. casing. wha. i. scenario. an. opportunit. sizin. amp. assessment. Wha. yo. brin. t. th. rol. Backgroun. an. experienc. i. product. risk. complianc. o. remediatio. analytica. roles. preferabl. withi. th. financia. service. industr. Analytica. amp. problem-solvin. skill. t. understan. th. detai. o. event. an. issues. an. subsequentl. identif. an. investigat. the. Hands-o. knowledg. an. experienc. wit. tool. an. technique. fo. analysis. dat. manipulatio. an. presentatio. e.g. SAS. SQL. Python. Tableau. Stron. custome. len. an. affinit. Analytica. an. inquisitiv. mindse. t. continuousl. improv. th. leve. o. insigh. surface. Stron. abilit. t. translat. dat. insight. int. practica. busines. recommendation. Thoroug. approac. t. detail. ensurin. . hig. leve. o. accurac. Abilit. t. effectivel. communicat. t. al. stakeholder. translat. technica. int. non-technica. an. vice-versa

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