Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt Ltd B

Business Development Manager (BB-52C55)

Found in: Fidanto AU

Busines. Developmen. Manage. . Tanjor. Diabetes. . 181193. Descriptio. Responsibl. fo. increasin. th. marke. penetratio. o. B. product. an. achiev. th. sale. target. fo. specifi. area. Als. buil. relationship. an. gro. B. bran. b. engagin. th. opinio. leader. i. th. specifie. are. Dutie. amp. Responsibilitie. Mee. o. excee. sale. goal. throug. consultativ. sellin. an. providin. . hig. leve. o. custome. servic. i. hospital. an. wit. Healt. Car. Professional. HCPs . Utiliz. sale. directio. an. establis. effectiv. cal. pattern. t. develo. an. driv. sale. Develo. territor. mappin. t. ensur. effectiv. leve. o. cal. frequenc. o. targete. hospital. an. practitioner. t. advanc. th. sale. cycle. Proactivel. develo. custome. relationship. b. understandin. . anticipatin. need. an. providin. appropriat. solution. t. advanc. th. sale. process. Pursu. wit. busines. leaders hig. potentia. doctors. i. segmentatio. targetin. Pla. an. organiz. sale. strategie. b. utilizin. Hospita. an. Clinicia. report. i. . manne. tha. maximize. focu. o. appropriat. target. t. achiev. sale. result. Develo. an. execut. busines. pla. fo. territor. wit. sale. pla. a. th. hospita. an. healt. car. professiona. level. Execut. th. pla. t. accomplis. goal. pe. curren. sale. an. marketin. direction. Complet. administrativ. assignment. i. . timel. manner. maintainin. custome. records. completin. dail. cal. note. an. recordin. o. samples. Nee. t. acclimat. quickl. an. us. variou. technolog. tool. Requirement. pleas. meneligibilit. criteria. Educatio. Bachelor. degree. Master. degree e.g. MBBS. MSC . Diplom. Majo. Focu. Pharmacology. Busines. Admi. . Pharmacolog. Willingnes. t. trave. extensivel. Shoul. b. abl. t. lear. mechanis. o. actio. an. clinica. applicatio. concept. easil. Adaptabilit. i. critica. t. quickl. respon. t. changin. situation. an. prioritie. Demonstrat. stron. proble. solvin. an. decisio. makin. acclimatin. t. variou. custome. needs. interest. an. processes. Relat. t. an. compar. dat. fro. differen. sources. Commi. . cours. o. actio. base. o. logica. assumption. an. factua. informatio. Ou. Cultur. Boehringe. Ingelhei. i. . research-drive. pharmaceutica. compan. an. on. o. th. to. 2. pharmaceutica. firm. worldwide. Headquartere. i. Ingelheim. Germany. Boehringe. Ingelhei. operate. globall. i. ove. 10. countrie. an. ha. mor. tha. 47,70. employees. Th. focu. o. th. family-owne. company. founde. i. 1885. i. researching. developing. manufacturin. an. marketin. ne. medication. o. hig. therapeuti. valu. fo. huma. an. veterinar. medicine. I. 2014. Boehringe. Ingelhei. achieve. ne. sale. o. abou. 13.. billio. euros. R . expenditur. correspond. t. 23.. PERCEN. o. it. ne. sales.

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