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Senior Quality Engineer (BB-DC0D5)

Found in: Fidanto AU

W. ar. makin. grea. progres. towar. inventin. . ne. futur. fo. 3. . . futur. o. faste. growt. an. increase. competitiveness. whil. continuin. t. delive. superio. results. Th. successfu. candidat. i. thi. rol. wil. b. responsibl. fo. th. adoptio. an. implementatio. o. plan. qualit. procedures. testin. method. an. continuou. qualit. improvemen. processe. int. 3M. Blacktow. Separatio. an. Purificatio. Science. Divisio. SPSD. manufacturin. plant. Ke. Responsibilitie. Ensur. complianc. fo. Healt. Car. an. SPS. Division. Deploymen. an. adoptio. o. variou. Globa. Qualit. procedure. an. processe. Drivin. improvemen. o. processe. b. restructurin. an. simplifyin. documente. procedure. Suppor. th. proces. capabilit. studie. an. proces. amp. equipmen. validatio. Conduc. interna. audit. o. interna. processe. an. supplie. audit. o. critica. supplier. t. ensur. complianc. t. regulator. requirement. Responsibl. fo. qualit. aspect. an. releas. o. Biopharm. filtratio. products. semi-finishe. produc. an. ra. material. ensurin. complianc. wit. specification. o. th. relate. items. Accountabl. fo. th. validation. implementatio. an. improvement. o. testin. method. use. fo. ra. material. semi-finishe. produc. an. finishe. product. Develo. an. revie. wor. instructions. samplin. plan. procedure. an. tes. method. fo. qualit. testin. an. measuremen. processes. ensurin. alignmen. t. globa. specification. an. methods. Responsibl. fo. investigatio. o. proces. variabilit. an. produc. issue. t. identif. roo. cause. develo. correctiv. actio. plan. an. implementatio. t. preven. reoccurrence. Ke. Criteri. Tertiar. degre. i. Scienc. o. relate. fields. Experienc. an. stron. knowledg. o. qualit. an. regulator. complianc. fo. pharmaceutica. an. medica. devic. industr. Stron. compute. skill. i. analytica. an. statistica. software. Require. t. trave. t. variou. loca. site. Nort. Ryd. Hea. Office. Warehouses. Suppliers. Customers. etc.. Qualifie. QM. audito. wit. excellen. attentio. t. detai. Abl. t. focu. an. prioritiz. wor. t. achiev. busines. prioritie. b. utilizin. goo. organizatio. an. plannin. skill. Wha. w. offe. yo. a. 3. . genuin. an. rea. approac. t. workin. fro. hom. an. th. suppor. yo. nee. Leadershi. trainin. program. e.g. Situationa. Leadership. Leadin. t. buil. trus. an. improv. performanc. Fre. onsit. parking

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