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Account Executive (BB-F7175)

Found in: Fidanto AU

Th. Accoun. Executiv. i. . sale. rol. responsibl. fo. bot. direc. clien. contrac. valu. retentio. a. wel. a. growt. throug. contrac. expansio. an. th. introductio. o. ne. product. an. services. Th. geographica. territor. fo. thi. rol. include. specifi. mid-size. clien. account. tha. hav. 5. millio. . 75. millio. US. i. annua. revenue. Wha. youl. d. Engag. an. consul. wit. C-leve. executiv. t. develo. an. implemen. a. effective. enterprise-wid. strateg. tha. maximize. th. valu. delivere. b. Gartner. product. an. services. B. th. ke. point-of-contac. fo. you. client. wit. th. outcom. o. increasin. custome. satisfaction. retentio. amp. accoun. growth. Collaborat. wit. peer. an. mentor. t. benefi. fro. an. continu. th. developmen. an. sharin. o. bes. practices. Responsibl. fo. a. annua. quot. i. contrac. valu. achieve. throug. contrac. renewal. an. upsel. growt. opportunitie. wit. establishe. clients. Wha. youl. nee. Bachelor. degre. highl. preferred. . . year. o. consultativ. an. solution-base. sellin. experienc. wit. . demonstrate. trac. recor. o. quota-carryin. success. Competitiv. natur. wit. . collaborativ. mindse. . your. drive. t. b. th. bes. an. you. wor. histor. an. persona. accomplishment. illustrat. this. . proble. solve. wit. . passio. fo. learnin. yo. ar. solutions-oriente. an. aren. afrai. t. constructivel. sugges. . bette. wa. o. working. Yo. see. feedbac. i. orde. t. improv. yourself.

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