Senior Data Analyst - Home Loans (BB-C571F)

Found in: Fidanto AU

Hel. shap. th. futur. a. w. leverag. dat. t. fli. traditiona. bankin. o. it. hea. Ge. stuc. int. ou. hug. dat. set. t. creat. solution. fo. ou. customer. Joi. . progressiv. organisatio. wit. th. peopl. an. policie. yo. wan. A. AN. ou. purpos. i. t. shap. . worl. wher. peopl. an. communitie. thriv. an. t. achiev. this. w. nee. . talente. Dat. Analys. t. joi. ou. Hom. Loan. tribe. Th. purpos. o. th. Hom. Loan. Trib. i. t. mak. grea. Hom. Loa. experience. possibl. fo. ou. customer. b. reliabl. providin. eas. t. us. product. an. services. Wer. passionat. abou. simplicit. an. meetin. th. need. o. ou. customer. today. whil. innovatin. t. deligh. the. tomorrow. Ou. dat. analyst. deepl. understan. th. powe. o. dat. t. generat. qualit. custome. insights. manag. informatio. an. identif. trend. t. accelerat. soun. busines. decisions. You. skillse. wil. enabl. yo. t. sourc. an. interrogat. data. workin. wit. . focu. o. th. future. wit. a. activ. understandin. o. industr. trend. t. ensur. capabilit. developmen. i. aligned. Yo. wil. influenc. strategi. directio. b. translatin. insight. int. practica. busines. recommendations. communicatin. tea. objective. an. presentin. dat. i. digestible. logica. an. compellin. ways. Wha. . typica. da. migh. loo. lik. Assis. i. sourcing. extractin. an. analysin. dat. fro. multipl. systems. applications. product. an. processe. Interpre. dat. int. insights. identif. pattern. an. trend. i. th. datase. t. communicatio. finding. t. projec. SME. an. othe. stakeholder. Communicatio. t. stakeholder. an. senio. managemen. t. influenc. squa. prioritie. an. decision. an. educat. o. analytica. opportunitie. Perfor. calculation. an. appl. critica. thinkin. t. determin. roo. caus. analysi. o. system proces. issues. custome. impac. an. an. potentia. remediatio. require. Assis. i. report. preparatio. base. o. analysi. an. presentin. t. managemen. . ke. par. o. bein. par. o. th. Hom. Loan. dat. chapte. i. t. lear. fro. eac. other. sharin. you. knowledg. wit. othe. Dat. Analyst. t. hel. upskil. u. al. Wha. wil. likel. b. i. you. toolkit. Hands-o. experienc. wit. dat. processin. platforms. tool. an. technique. SQ. mandator. amp. proficient. Traditiona. databas. managemen. platform. e.g. Oracle. Teradata. EBD. Scriptin. i. Python. R. Pyspar. advantageous. Innovatio. an. proble. solvin. skill. Goo. communicatio. an. presentatio. skills. Hands-o. knowledg. an. experienc. i. th. us. o. Jira. Confluenc. an. Git. Stron. stakeholde. engagemen. skill. acros. variou. level. o. th. organisation. . stron. executio. mindse. an. abilit. t. delive. qualit. output. an. manag. action. withi. require. timeframes. Critica. thinkin. skill. allowin. yo. t. questio. an. investigat. roo. caus. analysi. Experienc. automatin. processe. an. bein. abl. t. guid. other. t. delive. a. improve. custome. experience. A. abilit. t. wor. acros. multipl. project. a. onc. A. abilit. t. wor. autonomously. wor. withi. th. squa. wit. prove. analytical. negotiatio. an. proble. solvin. skills. Knowledg. o. Hom. Loa. products. processe. an. syste. knowledg. woul. b. beneficial. Abilit. t. guid. tea. an. advis. leader. o. analytica. opportunitie. an. innovations. Your. no. expecte. t. hav. 10. PERCEN. o. thes. skills. A. AN. . growt. mindse. i. a. th. hear. o. ou. cultur. an. w. activel. encourag. peopl. t. tr. ne. things. S. i. thi. rol. interest. yo. an. yo. fee. yo. hav. mos. o. thes. thing. i. you. toolbox. we. lov. t. hea. fro. you.

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