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2 months ago

Purple Panic

Ken Boddie · Spring has sprung here in Brissie (Brisbane to the uninitiated from outside South-East Queensland) and with it comes the end of year exams at the local universities. · No wonder then that the Jacaranda, now in full bloom, heralds the advent of ‘purple panic’ among those cocooned ...

7 months ago

Poops Peeps Perplexedly at the New beBee

Ken Boddie · My dad's been reminding me that it's been a while since I put beak to keyboard and said high to all you busy bee peoples out there again. My dad says that so many of the busy bee peoples, to whom I used to talk while cleaning my feathers, have gone to ‘greener past yours’. · I'm ...

7 months ago

Queensland Quay is Quintessentially Quandamooka

Ken Boddie · Let me tell you how a recent Sunday afternoon stroll along Wynnun Jetty unexpectedly turned into a journey of cultural awareness. · Not so long ago we took the opportunity to take the short ferry trip across Moreton Bay to ‘Straddie’ (North Stradbroke Island) and were introduced ...

5 years ago

Buttresses, Pademelons and Glass Houses

Ken Boddie · A lazy Sunday afternoon in the countryside unexpectedly turned into a memorable lesson on South-East Queensland's amazing natural history. My wife and I often take a drive north of Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast hinterland plateau lands, where we can see magnificent views of the ...

5 years ago

My Dad Says .....

Ken Boddie · My dad calls me Poops.  He says it's what I do really well.  I love my dad!  Do you know my dad? · I'm an Aussie born-and-bred girl cockatiel, a Queenslander, living in the best state in the lucky land 'down under'.  That's what my dad says. · My dad goes away from our house a lo ...

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