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3 months ago

Call Me!

Ken Boddie · Do you remember how we used to call our friends and family back in the day? A catch-up call, once a week or so, was what I’d give my mum when I moved to the Big Smoke (London) from the then semi-remoteness of north-east Scotland. This was to let her know that I was still in the l ...

1 year ago

The Red Balloon

Ken Boddie · I was looking through the SBS streaming channel here in Oz and stumbled across a familiar looking film title.   · Could it be?  · Was it possibly?  · What the ...?  · I clicked play and, sure enough, I was transported back to my childhood in North-East Scotland's 'Silver City wit ...

2 years ago

How Dark is Your First Foot?

Ken Boddie · Hogmanay (or New Year's Eve in Scotland) was a time when, as a young lad, I keenly awaited the welcoming in of the New Year.  On the first stroke of midnight, all gathered together in a tidy tenement 'hoosie', we'd all wish each other a "Guid New Year", followed by an inevitably ...

2 years ago

How Dark is Your First Foot?

Ken Boddie · Hogmanay (New Year's Eve in Scotland) was always full of anticipation when I was a lad, in advance of welcoming in the New Year by 'first footing'. We'd gather together until the final stroke of midnight when we'd wish all the resident assembly a "Guid New Year", followed by a tu ...

5 years ago

Bees Love this 'Tale of Two Thistles'? 🤔

Ken Boddie · I originally published this 'Tale of Two Thistles'  on the 'dark side', at another network, before being seduced into the 'light side' by beBee's honey and its engaging worker bees. · In early November, spring time here in Australia, I came across these bees feasting on a large c ...

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