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4 weeks ago

Has Oz Lost the Wizard?

Ken Boddie · Good disguise, but hardly David's son?Trawling through the ‘What’s On" app for Sunday afternoon drive ideas, up popped Tamborine Mountain's annual Scarecrow Festival. This four day event, with colouring competitions, poetry comps and enough uniquely sculptured dummy dress-ups to ...

5 months ago

Porsh, Porshuh, or Just Too Damned Posh?

Ken Boddie · I opened my Friday edition of ‘The Australian’ broadsheet newspaper. · This hard copy print is something I rarely purchase due in part to today's ‘modern’ era flood of digitised news by various SM platforms, newsletters and unsubscribed sneaky brainwashing articles, poorly disgu ...

2 years ago

Well Strike a Light!

Ken Boddie · G'day, g'day, and how ya goin'?   · A well known greeting here in Oz, also the first line of a famous Slim Dusty song, and a fair enough question about your mate's welfare. But, in normal circumstances, woe betide anyone who responds with anything other than "Good, thanks", "Fair ...

2 years ago

101 and Still Rhyming Along

Ken Boddie · Not bad for 101, eh? Well I'm talking beBee long form posts, of course.  Before I arrive at a century in years, I trust that somebody will probably have taken pity on me and shot me, that is if we still have a planet by then. · 101 posts in just under three years means about thre ...

4 years ago

The Land of Oz, a Cautionary Fairy Tale?

Ken Boddie · In the Beginning      · Once upon a time, there was a Land called Oz, in a very big island, a long, long way away.  Mummy Nature was the caretaker of Oz and, with her big nurturing arms, and her endless supply of milk and honey, ensured that all the animals had plenty to eat and ...

5 years ago

Ssssssoooo Good to Ssssssee You!

Ken Boddie · "Slippin' and a-slidin', peepin' and a-hidin', " · "Been told a long time ago-ho-ho-oh-woh."I guess when Buddy Holly sang his cover of this famous Little Richard hit, way back in 1956, he was thinking of Linda of "solid sender" fame, hoping she'd "better surrender". I'll give 50 ...

5 years ago

I Come from a Land Down Under

Ken Boddie · (The Brisbane River and CBD from Kangaroo Point cliffs.) · So what do I do to while away the hours in the infamous penal colony of Australia, the land 'down under', which many of my fellow castaways refer to as the Land of Oz, or simply, Oz? · Well I could say that I · live on Ra ...

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