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6 months ago

Three Strikes and You’re Out?

Ken Boddie · As we all get used to the differences between the old and new beBee website, there’s one burning question that springs to mind.  · Now the hives have disappeared and we have to start again with groups, are we still limited to publishing on three locations only?  · Hence, if we ha ...

6 months ago

What happened to the hives?

Ken Boddie · I just commented on a new buzz but when I came to share, I found the hives had totally gone. Am I missing something? · Then there’s my wall (or home page) which is flooded with old buzzes posted by Javier and has become so long that I can’t find anything, because I can no longer ...

2 years ago

Is Commending the Commenter a Matter of a Pinion?

Ken Boddie · After delivering thousands of comments on others' posts here on beBee.com, and responding to 99.99% of the comments by others on my own posts, over the last three years, I believe I’m somewhat qualified to comment on our comments by way of this limping (rather than running) comme ...

5 years ago

It's beBee Blogging Time

Ken Boddie · What's this beBee all about, should I stay and work it out? · Why do strangers follow me, should I follow them and see? · Share a photo, post a link, tell them what I really think? · Write a buzz, long or scant, will they find it relevant? · ...................................... ...

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