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3 years ago

So whadya want me to do about it, smarty pants?

Ken Boddie · Occasionally my blogs turn to Mother Earth and the plight we've put her in. What with all our take, take, take over the millennia, and our exploitation (without time for renewal) of her natural assets, our modern day existence on this planet has now become a tearfully tragic tech ...

4 years ago

What's the Diff?

Ken Boddie · A hilarious recent post by one of my favourite bees, Paul Walters, on his initial dream of leading an ambassadorial life, in the salubrious and lavish way to which we could all become too easily accustomed, got me thinking about what the heck we're actually doing as brand ambassa ...

5 years ago

Do You Know Your Characters?

Ken Boddie · Most of you will have watched the hilarious TV sitcom, Modern Family, and have laughed your way through an episode or two of the various unbelievable, yet naggingly credible, social bloopers, temperament clashes, rule bends, and incredible, yet sometimes all too predictable, anti ...

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