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2 years ago

Re-ignite Your Soul's Passion

Melody Green · I meet so many people burnt out by living lives that are not in alignment with their soul's path, mission and direction. Their passion and love for life is missing and it shows in their weariness and lack of enthusiasm, for their life, themselves and those they care about. The da ...

3 years ago

Have You Done a Career Audit?

Melody Green ·   · I speak to clients all the time that begin their career conversations with · "Please help! I'm soooo stressed and I hate my job." Usually followed up by "My boss drives me crazy!" and "My co-workers are ratbags!" and that's on a good day when the x-rated expletives are not in ...

4 years ago

How Using Affirmations Can Help You in the Job Hunting Process...

Melody Green ·  Affirmations can help strengthen your mindset at a stressful time - when job hunting. · You are working towards changing who you are, your work environment, work colleagues and income. · Changing job is one of the top 10 stressful situations in life, along with having a partne ...

4 years ago

3 Tips to Changing Careers

Melody Green ·   · Some years ago I worked with business owners who were interested in employing mid life career changers.  · You might be curious as to why they were interested in this group, I certainly was. Over and over again I heard it's all about attitude. · I was at a business meeting di ...

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