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4 years ago

How Using Affirmations Can Help You in the Job Hunting Process...

Melody Green ·  Affirmations can help strengthen your mindset at a stressful time - when job hunting. · You are working towards changing who you are, your work environment, work colleagues and income. · Changing job is one of the top 10 stressful situations in life, along with having a partne ...

4 years ago

Career Success and Life Lessons

Melody Green ·   · For those of us on the "awareness and conscious living path" all of life is a chance for learning and growth. When we begin this path we are often looking for a way to fix, change or avoid our pain and misery. · So when you seem to be having a problem with your work situati ...

4 years ago

Empower Your Intuition and Feminine Potency.

Melody Green · If you've ever doubted your intuition or second guessed your decisions... · or felt you can't trust your deepest yearnings or self expression... · or felt enormous grief and not known why... · These are the painful reminders of your wise woman wounds... · ​ · ​ · As a woman you c ...

4 years ago

3 Tips to Changing Careers

Melody Green ·   · Some years ago I worked with business owners who were interested in employing mid life career changers.  · You might be curious as to why they were interested in this group, I certainly was. Over and over again I heard it's all about attitude. · I was at a business meeting di ...

4 years ago

Could Authentic Communication Change Workplaces?

Melody Green · The thing  I love about The Cooper Review is the perceptions are funny but accurate. After all how many of you can relate to the picture above? · Having spent more than thirty years in Australian businesses and different industry sectors I think there should be a section of this ...

4 years ago

Nuance and Subtlety - the new way of living life.

Melody Green · Humans are creatures of habit and boxes. We are not creatures of flow, subtlety and nuance. · We like being boxed in. We like knowing that things will always be the way we think they should be and we like having things spelt out for us. Ambiguity makes our skins crawl and twitch. ...

4 years ago

10 ways to cope with Job Transitions

Melody Green · Job transitions can be stressful—whether they’re due to layoff, a new job or working extra hours because other workers were laid off. · If you’re facing one, consider the following: · Take an honest look at yourself. What are your strengths, weaknesses, skills? How did those infl ...

4 years ago

Job Futures #6

Melody Green · We used to think that a job was all about security.  · These days it's about work - life balance and that means changing your work situation to accommodate your lifestyle choices! · If you would like help to find out what your core gifts, skills, talents and attributes are the ...

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