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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I have worked as an authorised delegate acting on behalf of businesses working under financial services, and education framework, which is highly regulated, eg. ASIC and ASQA, and behave appropriately in providing services and self-managing providing support for reaching budgets and maintain credibility and professionalism. At Builders Academy I managed a Linkedin account, and lead generating sources and was responsible for invoicing and reporting for clients accurately for their contribution to the business.



Held vital roles within compliance intervention, to ensure customer is paid the correct payment at right time and right place, being accountable, independent and ethical.




Compliance Support Service Officer work as a member of a team, and independently delivering high levels of service.

Working in an agile environment and support government to help where the need is. 

Liaising with stakeholders and representing the agency with professionalism, by applying helpful, respectful and transparent experience for customers.

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