• Direct Marketing in Social Media for B2B organisations

    at Lead Creation

    April 2008 - at Present

    State of New South Wales

    Using LinkedIn and other New Media to directly reach your prospects: we work for both B2B companies and Associations. We gather your clients and prospects together and engage them - all in the complex sales world of B2B and B2Professionals. Our expertise is simply to... Get your Prospects Talking Back. Getting good leads, new clients is hard for companies marketing B2B. Most are good at what they do, but don't understand marketing and New Media. And there are now so many online tools and services:- who has the time to learn? There are thousands of B2B marketing consultants telling you WHAT to do. Hundreds telling you HOW. Only one, Lead Creation, provides a fully implemented and integrated solution. One that starts with conversations.

  • Speaker and Author on B2B Marketing

    at Conferences

    January 1990 - at Present

    State of New South Wales

    Marketing in the Social Networking Age has changed. It you’re using “traditional” methods to sell to other businesses (B2B) such as advertisements in trade magazines, sponsoring seminars and cold calling you know it’s more and more difficult to get. You know your prospects are all online –but how do you hook them and keep them hanging around long enough to turn into worthwhile client relationships? What the new online technologies, particularly social networking, have delivered are whole new ways to gather prospects for both large and small businesses. Now, engaging with and joining the conversation that your prospects are having, has become an important part of the process of online marketing. Without it, you could struggle to connect with valuable customers –your VIPs. All the tools are now here for you to use and that’s what this book is about –the best methods to gather more VIPs, engage them and convert them into people willing to buy from you. Then to make those sales!

  • Director

    at Abacus

    December 1993 - September 2009

    State of New South Wales

    Abacus has now closed as I have returned to the world of B2B Marketing with Lead Creation.


  • Evernote Business Certified Consultants

    at Evernote

    2014 - at Present (4 years)

  • Inbound Certification

    at HubSpot

    2016 - 2016 (1 year)

  • MBA

    at Australian Graduate School of Management

    1982 - 1983 (1 year) State of New South Wales

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  • B2B Marketing

    Lead Creation
    Builder of Customer Communities for Lead Generation and B2B Marketing · Sydney, Australia
    Lead Creation is a small business offering professional services. We develop cutting edge marketing strategies that don't break the bank, and we implement them for ourselves. After we know they work, we offer these tried and tested strategies to our clients. We believe in innovative, cost effective, high ROI marketing, and we believe that small businesses that offer fantastic services should get their names known. This is why we get out of bed in the morning. http://www.facebook.com/leadcreation?ref=ts&sk=wall


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