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Search best physio adelaide and book an appointment instantly. Ducker Physio Clinic provides you all injuries rehabilitation and treatment, we have Physiotherapists specialized in back pain treatments, that will affect not only cause Lower back pain but also contribute to hip, groin, leg and foot pain or parenthesis and  these symptoms to include the spinal discs, muscles, ligaments, bones and nerve tissue.


Few Days ago I need physio due to my sport injury treatment, Ducker physio Adelaide team have been extremely helpful It worked very, very well!,  I would need after being discharged, and more than happy to concerns, I have had after. They are very professional and caring.


Ducker Physio offer quality Physio therapy care for our patients. We work as professional to minimize risk with hygiene and patient screening to keep safe. We treat sports injury, neck pain, back pain, joint pain and many more. Not worriers! welcome to your treatment to our screening processes. 

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