I am an Indigenous social entrepreneur interested in Health and Wellness, Digital Marketing, Technology, Music. I love learning and trying new things.


  • Digital Marketing, IT and Gardening

    at Hummingbird Eco Retreat

    April 2016 - at Present

    State of Victoria

    Responsible for managing social media optimisation (SMO), search engine optimisation (SEO), Video Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO) Creating and advising on content creation and online marketing strategy. IT maintenance as well as helping out on the retreat's beautiful Harvest Garden.


  • Auto-Diadect

    at Yeppoon High School

    2003 - 2008 (5 years) State of Queensland

Services offered

  • Kaya Maya, Clean Energy Tea

    Currently I am working on a startup company called Kaya Maya
    Kaya Maya Is a clean energy drink made from local organic ingredients, imported indigenous herbs (Yerba Mate) from South America and Australian Indigenous flavours. Kaya Maya is like a cup of coffee or Red Bull without the jitters and the manic beta-brainwave unproductive state brought on from stimulants like Red Bull, coffee and Ritalin. Instead Yerba Mate wakes up the brain into an alpha-brainwave state which is more productive, creative, focused, gives clarity and a good alternative to Ritalin for people with ADHD.

    We are an Aboriginal-owned business looking to connect with Indigenous businesses. Also looking to network with Yerba Mate farmers in Argentina, other health and drink businesses in Melbourne, health food stores and other people of interest.

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